The Republican Party is the Party of Evil

Senator Matt Rosendale (R-Montana) attaches amendment to defense spending bill that declares “IVF is morally wrong”.

Well of course IVF is morally wrong. If God had wanted you to have children, he’d have knocked you up himself made you fertile.

IVF has to be immoral, because of all those “babies” that die or get perpetually frozen. How sick are you to freeze “babies” just because you might want to have them later?

(I realize I’m conflating IVF and frozen embryos. Comes from the same explanation.)

What is the Republican position on AI? I presume they’re ok with it as long as it benefits them, the same as usual. The DNC needs to get working hard in Georgia.

The danger in these MAGA efforts to “clean up the rolls” is if an eligible voter is erroneously removed, shows up to vote and then some rural MAGA election official decides to disallow the provisional ballot on dubious grounds.

The point of the provisional process is to allow eligible voters to cure any minor administrative discrepancies that routinely occur and I don’t trust today’s GOP to adjudicate them fairly.

Of course not. Witness the case of the woman here in Texas, Crystal Mason, who wasn’t sure that her status on supervised release from a tax fraud conviction disqualified her from voting. She filled out a provisional ballot, and was subsequently arrested for voter fraud and sentenced to five years in prison.

Fortunately the Texas Court of Appeals just found in her favor on appeal.

I just wanted to say FUCK Republicans.

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King Missile might have the answer.

Thank dog! And thank you for posting this. I’d missed that news.

NC Lt. Governor Mark Robinson said some rather nasty things in church again, and got rather testy when some reporters asked about it:

Heh, whenever someone suggest that some people need killing, I always think “Well, we could start with you.”