The Republican Party is the Party of Evil

“If you won’t make me team Captain, then I will deliberately make sure we lose the game!”

Ya, that would go over really well in the pre-game locker room pep talk.

From the American Conservative: the mass graves of indigenous people killed in the North American genocide are (and this is a direct quote) “good actually.”

Jesus wept.

Well, there goes one of the last right wing websites that I was recommending awhile ago that showed that they still had news and articles from the right that was not unhinged.

Most of those right wing sources in the list I made years ago can’t be recommended now as most have fallen for the big Trump lie or stopped publishing like the Weekly Standard as there is no money now on being a moderate conservative.

But I digress, the point I wanted to make is that one big excuse holocaust deniers were making, even in a past SDMB discussion, was that since disease was prevalent in the death camps, and they assumed that most died of sickness, that then that was a reason to minimize what the Nazis did.

Not really, one example I posted in that discussion at the end of the war showed how thanks to bombing train tracks, a train with Jews was rerouted to a non extermination camp. Most of the people going there survived the war ok with also fewer people dying also of diseases like Typhus, while the Jews in the trains that still managed to go through to the death camps never made it, and also died of Typhus if it was not the death chamber.

Thing is that there was an effort (willful or not unexpected) to make it easier for disease to also take care of the undesirables in the death camps.

While there were no death camps in North America, those schools had a knack of disregarding the kids that complained about being sick or who lived in conditions that increased the chances of dying because of unsanitary conditions. IMHO trying to use “natural causes” as an excuse is just an ugly fig leaf.

And as I pointed out in another thread… another disgusting postscript to the Canadian residential school atrocities:

The various dioceses of the Catholic Church in Canada were ordered in 2005 to provide monetary compensation to residential school survivors in the amount of $25 million. By 2015, they had raised only 3.9 million, and applied to the court to have the order rescinded, because they had “made their best effort”. The court agreed, and basically told the residential school survivors “oh well so sad, our promise meant nothing (as usual). Go pound sand”

Now, it’s come our that over the same time period, the Catholic Church in Canada did manage to raise 300 MILLION DOLLARS for the very important purpose of restoring the magnificence of some of their Very Important Church Buildings.

It’s apparent where the church’s priorities lie; Compensation for the human victims of their own abominable treatment? No. Pouring lots of money into Golden Idols and Temples of Gold? Hell Ya!

Screw those indigenous people we tortured! We want to worship in a freaking palace! Because we’re awesome, and religious and better than you!

They just woulda wasted the money on firewater and peyote and the Church coulda just payed 'em off in beads . . . amIright Sam?

The evil cunning fleecing the evil stupid.

From the aricle posted in those quotes:
The Meaning of the Native Graves | The American Conservative

It is very important to note that the entire story is made up. First, we have always known that many children died in the residential schools, which were active through the 19th and 20th centuries. Child mortality was relatively high during that period to begin with; Indian mortality overall was astronomically high; and the Church-run schools for native children were systemically underfunded by the government, resulting in subpar facilities and inadequate medical care. Second, the sites almost certainly include the graves of Christian adults from the neighboring communities, as Chief Cadmus Delorme of the Cowessess First Nation admitted with respect to the Marieval Indian Residential School, where an estimated 751 burials were detected by radar last month. The “mass graves” of public hysteria are, in fact, the ordered and intentional burial sites of people we always knew were dead, and who died of more or less natural causes. In more literate times, we might have called that a cemetery .

The fact that there is a “cemetary” there at all is part of the travesty. The whole mass abduction, relocation, and Christianization of the children is the story. If “we” have known about this all along, then is sure seems weird that this is something I’ve heard very little about. “We” is vague and undefined.

This is not to discount the deaths of children altogether. Of course, it would have been better if each and every one of the First Nations tykes Christianized by the union of Church and state had lived a long and happy life. But it is absolutely to discount the blame fixed on the Church by vicious opportunists. If anyone is at fault here—and the residential school system, for all the good of its evangelizing purpose, was hardly without flaws—it is, without a doubt, the secular authority. Had the Canadian government, which in word endorsed the Christian mission of the residential schools, upheld that word in deed by providing the funding which Church authorities repeatedly said was necessary for adequate operation, living conditions could have been improved and a great many premature deaths avoided.

Yep, it’s not the Church’s fault, it’s those evil secularists in government. Nevermind that those “secularists” were forcing christianization.

Whatever good was present at the Ossossané ossuary—where those who had not yet encountered the fullness of Truth honored their dead as best they knew how—is increased a thousandfold in the cemeteries of the residential schools, where baptized Christians were given Christian burials. Whatever natural good was present in the piety and community of the pagan past is an infinitesimal fraction of the grace rendered unto those pagans’ descendants who have been received into the Church of Christ. Whatever sacrifices were exacted in pursuit of that grace—the suffocation of a noble pagan culture; an increase in disease and bodily death due to government negligence; even the sundering of natural families—is worth it .

What a giant turd in the punchbowl. Thank you, Amercian Conservative, for demonstrating what I’ve known for a long time. Conservatives are crapping up the place and claiming they are making it better.

Not that it will matter to his supporters, but Trump admits to being a liar.

During his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend, Trump let loose with [this line ]

“If it’s bad, I say it’s fake. If it’s good, I say that’s the most accurate poll ever.”

That is just how he see’s himself. How he has always seen himself. He can do no wrong, so if it’s bad, it must be fake. Must be a lovely guy to be around.

I’ve wondered from time to time how he had any children. “Lie back and think of the money,” I suppose.

Not enough money in the world.

For most people, yes, but evidence points to three it was sufficient, one going to the well three times.

C 'n P from another thread:

We have a thread on this board asking as to why membership is declining. Many conservatives are coming onto the thread saying ‘we find that this place is inhospitable to conservatives’.

It’s because the primary organization for conservative thought denies reality. Your leadership denies reality. Your fellow conservatives deny reality. And it’s to the point where I am quite comfortable calling modern-day, 2021 conservatives, evil specifically because they refuse to live in a fact-based reality.

Because who does this, if not the evil among us?

The Republican strategy of “shout loudly; be threatening” is in full force in Orange County, CA:

And now two Trumpers got arrested for plotting to attack the Democratic Party Headquarters in Sacramento, California.
Two men charged in plot to attack Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento (

Of course, one of them had one of these: 1/3/5/10/20PC White Privilege Card Trumps Everything,Symbolizing Happiness and Success Card,White Privilege Card Joke,Funny Anniversary Card Wallet Card Gift Card for Men Women (1PC): Kitchen & Dining

I’m not sure where the joke is in that card. If there is one, it is in the dark satire vein, not the unironic carrying and display by these clowns.

I’m sure someone will be quick to point out that these guys aren’t representative of the Republican Party and not Party officials. I’m not saying they are. But this is the crowd the party is playing to, continuing to support Trump’s lies about the election, continuing to push for recounts again and again, continuing to push for the loudest assholes like Greene and Boebert and Gaetz and Jordan.

Didn’t the Dem party office in LA actually get bombed last year?

This. And while TFG greatly accelerated the process, there’s no question that the policies (or lack thereof) of the Republican Party, the dominant political expression of conservatism in the U.S., have been becoming steadily less defensible since Bush the Younger, if not before.

Consider when the House Republicans were threatening to force a default on the U.S. debt if they didn’t get their way on some domestic policy issues. That was in 2011, and nobody really knew just how bad the effects of such an action would be, but pretty much everyone agreed that it had the potential to majorly screw up our economy.

So they were holding a proverbial gun to America’s head, and saying, “if we don’t get our way, we’ll pull the trigger.” That’s who they already were in 2011. Thank you, Tea Party. Patriotism sure takes some interesting forms.

(And hey look, they’re trying to pull that stunt again. Democrats aren’t perfect, but we don’t threaten to blow up the country if we don’t get to run it the way we like.)