The resurrected mosquito bite?

When the weather was a bit warmer and I was spending a fair amount of time out on my balcony in shorts and sandals, I was lucky enough to get my share (and then some) of mosquito bites whenever I forgot or couldn’t find my Off Clip-on device. Among these was one on the outside of my right foot. Quite annoying.

This was a few weeks ago, and the mosquito bite went the way of all mosquito bites–it itched like the dickens for a few days, then went away of its own free will. A few weeks passed with no itch. Now, within the last week or so, it has somehow decided to raise its itchy head all over again. I’ve never had this happen, and while I’m not particularly concerned about it–I figure it will sort itself out again–I’m completely baffled by the phenomenon. Has anyone else experienced this? What is the mechanism for what’s going on here? I’d think that once the itchy compounds and histamine response (or whatever) had run their course, that would be the end of it–that there could be no coming back! And yet here I sit, scratching my foot.

Just to get the simplest explanation out of the way first: Is it possible you were just bitten again, in the same place?

A mosquito bite can ulcerate sufficiently that the opening hole has to heal, and the healing process itches. That’s my guess. I’ve had it happen myself.

Possible, but I’d figure it unlikely. Not just because of two bites in the exact same place, but because a) I’d not been wearing sandals before this started itching again (and I don’t think mosquitos can make it through Chucks–can they? :eek:) and b) it seems to be a bit different, qualitatively. Not as consistently itchy, I suppose–it seems to come and go a bit more. E.g., it was itchy this morning when I sat down at my desk, but now it’s not itching at all.

Is it possible that that particular bite is a spider bite? I’ve had bites as you describe and they were spider bites. Sometimes they are indiscernible from mosquito bites.

i’ve seen recently where spider bites are not common. claims are that what is suspected is possibly a bacterial infection. while i likely saved a citation, i don’t have it handy.

johnpost’s comment about the scarcity of spider bites aside, it’s certainly possible. My apartment is in a wooded area, near a lake, and it has no shortage of “friendly” arthropods who like to come visit me in my apartment.

This is mostly a guess based on other allergic reactions, but if you got a mosquito bite elsewhere might your re-activated immune system make your body react again to a previous bite which you’[d only nearly recovered from?

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Is this web page the cite you were referring to, johnpost?

Quibble with the linked Arthropod Ecology page.

He takes a quote from "Spider Envenomation in North America"and totally misconstrues what the paper states.

The linked blog’s take?

Unh-uh. What the paper stated was the health risk was minor in comparison to other common unhealthy activities people practice.

I was dropping a large tree ( Tree of Heaven, Stink Chung aka scourge of homeowners) by my garage and climbed up in it to top it off. Spider dropped inside my shirt. Bit me three times on the stomach before he was sufficiently smashed to cease and desist.

Bites swelled comparable to mosquito bites, itched a bit longer than a mosquito’s, and one month later can still see the outline of the circles around the bite.

Health risk minor? Sure, given the number of non-venomous spiders that would seem a reasonable assumption.

Spider bites exceedingly rare? Without numbers, hard to put in context, but would not seem to be validated by personal experience.

i think that was the recent one.

As a slight hijack, I’m always amazed when I hear of mosquito bites itching for a few days. Mine only itch for about 20 minutes, sometimes as much as an hour. I know it varies, depending on the person, but it is interesting to me.

Even my daughter, who gets HUGE red welts from mosquito bites (she’s 4, if that matters), only has them for about 6 hours or so.

Must be nice, Labrador. Not only do the bites last for a few days, but I’m also one of those people who is especially delectable to the Culicidae. And, better still, I never actually feel it when it happens. I’m basically one big walking blood buffet, and would surely have died a messy death of malaria had I been born a few hundred years ago.

My thoughts exactly.

I find that if I never scracth a mosquito bite, it’ll be gone in an hour. If I scratch it, it can last quite a while. Maybe the fact that I’ve had so many millions of them all my life, I’ve developed a tolerance. I was outdoors a lot especially as a kid.

Now, chigger bites on the other hand, God curse those little devils. A bite itches for two weeks! Never had those until recently, after moving to a new house, even though it’s the same city.

Yeah, I never scratch the bites. I just rub some saliva on it, which may not even do anything useful.

Black fly bites come back. Sometimes more than once.

Ditto for me, They can grow (even without scratching and with anti-histamine treatment) to be 3 or 4 inches across and very hard, hot and red and last for a long time. I got bitten on the last night of my holiday three weeks ago and the top of the scab has only just dropped off.

Weirdly though, stinging nettles are merely a slight irritation and don’t really hurt at all. So…swings and roundabouts I guess.

If it is a bot fly, be sure to post pics in a month or two.