The Rhyme & Write Game

Here are the rules of the game: given a word, write a sentence using another word that rhymes with the first word. Make sure the sentence is silly. Then propose another word for the next lucky participant.

For example:

given: belly

sentence: Would you like a peanut butter and petroleum jelly sandwich?

Here’s a word to start things:

No Thanks I’ll have Wallpaper Paste instead.

Word: Glass

mmMMMmm! That’s a Great BASS shake!
Word: river

The gift is more appreciated by the giver than the reciever.

Word: Orange - how to stop the game early!!:slight_smile:

New Word: Feeble

Marcia showed the technology teacher her fleur flange concept and its application to horticultural storage solutions.


Sorry, I went for difficult orange…

(Feeble reminds me too much of weebles!)