Here's a new word game

Not too challenging, but it’s a start. I miss the ferociously clever word games we have had here, and I’m spending waaaay too much time playing stupid flash games. If you can think of another one, please start a thread!

Okay, the idea is, you take a word with an unusual letter combination, and make a sentence using as many words with that combination as you can.

I’ll start:

There is a distinct lack of succinct communication in my precinct, as if it were extinct, and that’s against my better instincts.

It became incumbent upon me to plumb the umber depths of a number of dumb, crumby, jumbled essays, and the whole process left me numb.

Stumbling, I grumbled to myself, and succumbed to that tumbledown feeling that in my bumbling way I had fumbled the thread. The realization was quite humbling.

This paunchy professor will launch a staunch avalanche of branching franchises at the haunches of the raunchy Fu Manchu-wearing anchorites that eat blanched spinach with panache.

Well done!!

I found a cryptic, apocalyptic message written as a triptych in styptic pencil.

I saw brusk Dean Rusk husk a musky busker at dusk.

The fragrant vagrant’s agent sent Reagan a blatant rant on the giant pageant but meant to have sent it to the talent gentleman in the rented tent.

Pass the udder udder to my udder brudder.
Stolen from the Smothers brudders.

If the udder brudder takes the rudder, would you shudder?

Never speak Ogham in a field of sorghum.

I water my jonquil with Nyquil to keep it tranquil.

Would you speckle spackle in a spectacular spark, following the specs of a bespectacled Spock?

The dysphoric spherical sphinx asphyxiated on phosphoric asphodel while blaspheming her sphincter with sphagnum on the asphalt.