the RIAA is simply disgusting...,1367,42426,00.html

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Newsflash: this isn’t news. :frowning:

Well, I always thought of the riaa as enforcing the law against napster so that they(riaa) dont lose money. While I think the copyright laws should be amended I honestly cant find fault with the riaa wanting to enforce their copyrights.

But when they subvert the exact law for their gain again, its sheer hypocrisy!!! I mean, how greedy can you get!!!

Eutychus: thanks!!

They’ve been doing this for a while now. It’s probably why they don’t understand people getting up in arms about it. For some unfathomable reason there is a surreal veneer of respectability in large corporations buying tailored laws. Doesn’t fool me. I’d trust a homeless junkie wearing broken handcuffs to go to the ATM for me before I’d trust the RIAA with my music dollars.

I’m pretty much beyond feeling on the whole issue, but this article did afford a nice perspective… it’s not the RIAA that’s adhering to copyright law, it’s the other way around. Paying for industry-backed music is like buying tickets to a morality charade.

I’ve weighed the two evils, industry or theft, and I’ve thrown in with the Napster crowd. My conscience is as clear as it gets in an imperfect world. I support breaking the law over subverting the whole legislative process. Too bad we don’t live in a perfect world. A lot of musicians are going to get hurt in the coming years because the RIAA refuses to stand down.


CD’S in the UK cost around £14 a time, that’s far too much and the industry has been investigated several times by toothless parliamentary comittees whose findings are usually of the type, “we can’t find anything obvious because they cover it up but there is lots of circumstnatial evidence”.

We damn well know we are being ripped off CD’s cost around 30% more than in the US and 15-20% more than in Europe and yet retailers can’t operate a price 'em high and sell 'em cheap policy as is done in most industries simply because they can’t get enough stock.

Screw the recording industry, if I’m going to shell out all that cash for a CD I want to know that I like the product first, I cannot afford to be speculating on some unknown band at those prices.

The recording industry pushes its own expensively promoted boy/girl band progeny at us and then wonders why the UK industry is so sterile, why is there a dearth of talent? its easy, the cost to Joe Public of music is horrendous but the industry could care less, it just keeps churning out back catalogues of multi-millionaire artists whose innovation nowadays only extends to wondering which tryes would be best to fit on their trackday racing Porsches.

Well known stars such as the Stones, or the dead, or a mixture of both need far fewer resources to promote, they are well established and so don’t cause any heart palpitations as regards risk, it’s all so safe.

I use Napster one hell of a lot, when I find something I like I buy it but at least I get the chance to take a chance, which is what the recording industry seems not to want me to have.