The ribbon is not what is official.

OK, you know all those ribbons for “awareness” that people put on their lapels? Little loop of ribbon, pinned at the place where they cross. Well, I just invented a whole new one. Everyone can make one.

It’s the “Official Bullshit” Awareness Ribbon.

It’s made just like the other ones, but you make out of Duct Tape.

Make yourself one, tonight! Cut a strip of gray duct tape about four or five inches long. Cut it again, down the length. Fold it lengthwise, sticky sides together, and then loop it. Pin it to your lapel tomorrow.

When you tell people what it is, be sure to tell them that the ribbon is not what’s official.


Well, that sank to the bottom faster than a famous french oceanologist!

I have to try one more time, because I really thought this was a good idea.

so: Here is The Official Bullshit Awareness Ribbon.

Nice idea! I’ll whip one up tomorrow before work =)

What would you suggest for the pin? I’m thinking something classy like a safety pin… or maybe I’ll just staple it to my shirt pocket. Hmm

I started out with safety pins. But it’s easier with a straight pin.

I am trying to figure a way to just stick it on. This is duct tape, after all!

Thanks, by the way, Xixox. I was starting to feel invisible.