The Romney Tapes - thoughts as to how they'll affect the election?

Here is a completely unscientific internet poll. Take it as you will, as I know you will.

According to Wikipedia, the Wall Street Journal on November 20, 2002 began repurposing the ‘lucky duckies’ trope to refer to those who don’t earn enough to pay income tax.

But its use really seemed to take off in 2009, for some reason.

Strategically, it seems like a really dumb move. ‘Lower taxes for everyone’ was a pretty clear message, even if the main beneficiaries were the rich. ‘Lower taxes for the rich, and higher taxes on the lower 50%’ is confusing, divisive, and isn’t exactly going to be a hot seller among the non-rich.

Romney response videos.

This has to have been the most tech savvy campaign I can even imagine. Response videos?!?! Whoever’s doing this stuff, is doing it right.

Hell, even if one ignores the contempt, their desire to put these people back to work is belied by their eagerness to block anything Obama has proposed, or anything Bernanke might do, to get the economy going again and get people back to work.

And of course, we remember how they won the House in 2010, promising “jobs, jobs, jobs” but not doing a damned thing about jobs once elected, spending time on every hot-button social issue under the sun instead.

I have a hunch that people will find a way to see through their spin.

It’s on the CNBC website. CNBC is a business network, sharing content with the Wall Street Journal, and giving daily shows to luminaries like Jim Cramer and Larry Kudlow.

I would guess that an Internet poll on that website might be like the 1936 telephone poll that forecast an Alf Landon landslide win. But if its results give you comfort, then by all means find comfort in them.

Just the response I expected to get :stuck_out_tongue:

So, you think that the poll is informative? Why?

So why post it? To get a rise out of people? To prove how great you are at predicting how lefties will respond to your links? The only comment with which you submitted your unscientific poll suggests that your only desire was to score some points, and then when someone did respond, you return to the thread, somehow validated. Is that a pretty good summary of this?

Glad to make you happy. No, really. Like I said, if that poll comforts you, then by all means find comfort in it. You gladden my heart, you really do.

And everyone pays sales taxes. Everyone pays, indirectly, for tariffs, excise taxes, and property taxes. Everyone pays taxes. You cannot have a comprehensive tax system that doesn’t get some money from everyone, somehow, even the poor.

Ok, let’s see whether the same question on a different website gets a different answer.

There was an article by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone last year about the Tea Party; he went to several Tea Party functions (in Kentucky, IIRC). He said that he saw a number of Tea Partiers who rode around on scooters; when he spoke with them, many of them happily noted that they paid nothing (or close to nothing) for their scooters, because Medicare covered them. And, yet, they didn’t see a contradiction between this, and their fervent desire to cut government spending.

Was that about the time Rupert Murdoch took it over?

And I don’t disagree, these figures are for tax on income. The Romotron was hammering on the 47 % who don’t pay income tax.

47% of voters voted for him. Far, far fewer Americans did.

No, News Corp bought the WSJ in 2007.

They are often so blind to their own hypocrisy that it astounding.

(Hijack: Last week, my righty-Obama-the-secret-Muslim-Marxist-usurper coworker went on a bit during lunch about how she was feeling nauseated while eating a Chic-Fil-A sandwich. Then she went to get another sandwich. When she came back, she began again to tell me how nauseated she was feeling. I warned her to not eat that second sandwich as it might not be so good coming back up, when she told me she was ill because she had just taken ‘the morning after pill.’ I said “But you told me those were abortion pills and you were against them!”. She said “Well, I am- for people who use them flippantly.” I said “Hello. You just did that,” and she said “No, I didn’t. I have a medical problem.” What’s that?" I asked. And she said “I have a bad hip. Besides, I just had a baby. I can’t have anther one right now.” My jaw hit the floor and I made no response at all at this point.)

Irony, it burns

What’s that you say? Not everybody can borrow twenty grand from their parents and start their own business? :rolleyes: :smack:

My response would have been “fuck you, bitch,” and leaving the room.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe this new Romney gaffe is going to matter much at all. Romney’s such a terrible candidate, in so many ways, that he should be MILES behind Obama in the polls. And yet, he’s not. I think the Anybody But Obama factor is going to protect him from everything up to, and possibly including, “a live boy or a dead girl.”