The Romney Tapes - thoughts as to how they'll affect the election?

And the rumors of his parties
and the orgies on his yacht
Oh, he surely must be happy
with everything he’s got…

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The sad thing is that when Romney loses it will be all about the gaffes and horrid campaign rather than about the american people rejecting the Republican platform. Nobody is going to remember that Romney and every other Republicans were steadily losing the entire time, they’ll just remember all the Romney fuckups.

Rich Lowry, of all people, wins the Internet on this one:

This is how Mitt Romney sees the world.

I think the Obama campaign would be better off waiting for the debates, which is when people are going to be keyed back up to a higher level of interest. the opportunity for a devastating one liner or attack is just too good to be wasted in a press release; he’d be better off delivering it in person.

“As we saw on video a month ago, my opponent says he isn’t interested in all Americans. If you’re part of the half of all Americans who don’t see things this way, he doesn’t think it’s his job to serve your interests, to worry about your families, to ask you what you think Washington should be doing to make this country better. As President, whether you vote for me or not, I shall serve every single one of you.” Come on, that’s debate GOLD.

This is what I like about you guys.

Seriously, it’s great to see you - and your many conservative brethren and sistern - respond like this.

You’ve got a major “Houston, we have a problem” moment, only you’re all saying, “Problem? What problem?”

It certainly lessens the likelihood that any of you are going to figure out how to fix it. Needless to say, I’m good with that.

Wouldn’t want the likes of you in charge of a nation, state, city, or even a school board, but in charge of a GOP campaign at any level? Hell, yes!

No, that’s not sad. That’s really sweet. It practically guarantees a Republican loss in 2016 as well.

This is a good point. What Romney is saying is pretty much the mainstream position of the Republican base. The majority of Republican votes think they need to save America from a growing moocher class that is too lazy whining, or non-white-male to become the self-made square-jawed hero they all imagine themselves to be.

This is their contention, but they’re already dreaming up excuses for the inevitable Romney loss that’s brewing. I for one don’t mind that; the longer they keep echo-chambering their Randian clap-trap, the longer they’ll keep trotting it out there for the rest of the electorate to thoroughly reject.

And of course, now he’s headed into the warm embrace of Fox for damage control:

…off camera in a room he felt comfortable in because his audience is on the same page.

I understand the differences of what they said, but I’m saying anyone who would disqualify Romney based on this quote has probably already disqualified him for his general Romney-ness. Just like how the Obama quote only meant something to those who already had disqualified Obama.

The difference is that Obama pissed off people with, essentially, the truth. Witness the reactions: “Yer goldern right I cling to my god and guns, mister.” Compared to Romney who pissed people off by accusing them of being deadbeats, when most of them are decidedly not.

That said, things like this aren’t going to “swing” any votes, but they might cut down on the Republican turnout.

From Gallup:

More so, Romney will be playing defense to this all week instead of getting his message out while Obama plays offense.

Which has a great title - “Thurston Howell Romney”.

Another angle occurs to me re this part:

(emphasis added)

Russian women (well, I’m guessing women, though one can’t rule out the possibility that he was catering to the wide-stance faction of the GOP) providing sexy entertainment… hmmm… :dubious:

Is this guy only a decadent hedonist, or is he providing business to human traffickers? :eek: :mad:

An interesting little twitter comment…

Now this type of thing has legs. Those pesky tax returns he doesn’t want anyone to see keeps coming back to bite him.

And the Obama campaign responds.

I think this was the perfect approach. Don’t say anything, just let the 47% themselves speak.

I thought this quote of Romney’s from the tapes was quite telling:

(about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) "“We sort of live with it, and we kick the ball down the field and hope that ultimately, somehow, something will happen and resolve it,”
Great. That really shows terrific leadership does it not? It’s too hard, so his plan is to simply ignore it, live with it and hope something happens. Otherwise his plan is to simply let someone else deal with it later.

What kind of pathetic president would he be in terms of foreign relations anyway? Just ignore problems and hope they go away? That’s his plan??!!

Yeah, he seems to be a total ass wipe on “leadership” and the scary thing is He’s talking straight talk to his “peeps”