The Romney Tapes - thoughts as to how they'll affect the election?

And Republicans are starting to again distance themselves from the stench.

No, he also seems to want to pick fights with Russia and China.

No, no, no. You might think that Republicans will be discouraged from bothering to get out to vote for such an obvious loser, but this will actually increase voter turnout among them. You see, they will be so angry at the media for its obvious bias in airing Romney gaffes over and over, that they will develop an “I’ll show you” attitude, and come out in droves, droves I tell ya, to insure that Romney gets elected.

Won’t they? OMG?

Reuters is saying Romney is struggling to keep the campaign steady, I think if this story is longer than 3 days Romney will be in big trouble.

David Frum[ has some pretty good follow-on analysis to Romney’s gaffe, tying it to the mood of the 1% who don’t like being called out by their lessers:

I think he puts his finger on it. Romney’s statement survives only in a room filled with aristocrats who feel they’re being unfairly persecuted by the president and his thuggish peasant supporters, people who think the poor and minorities have super-special advantages they can’t get (that’s the context behind Romney’s throwaway comment that it would have been easier for him to get elected if his Dad had really been Mexican).

Meanwhile, there’s no real effort to diminish their power and wealth, even in the wake of a financial disaster which they in large measure contributed to (Occupy Wall St. has basically fizzled, and I don’t see anything comparable on the horizon). The politically-feasible options are basically should they get more (Romney’s position) or should they slip back to the level they had before the crash.

That’s the kind of decisive leadership Netanyahu was looking for in an ally! I wonder how that’s going to play out. Think he’s going to keep stumping for Romney?

That’s because he has to defend Czechoslovakia.

Wow, this guy must be trying to throw the election.

Here’s what he had to say on Neil Cavuto today:

The Economist and the Chart of who pays Federal taxes
According to the Heritage Foundation - 2011

46.4% of all US citizens do not pay federal income tax… but of that number 28.3% pay a payroll tax, 10.3% are the elderly and 6.9% are those with incomes under $20,000 per annum.

Yes. Most people I talk to love to pay taxes and feel that they aren’t paying enough. I think that his message of making sure that everyone pays their taxes will resonate.

Or another way. Sure people love to pay taxes. Just look at Mitt Romney.

I had lunch today in an upscale suburb in Silicon Valley. At the table next to me were 5 retired white guys. One guy brought up the story, but the other 4 hadn’t heard it. After he explained it, they all agreed that Romney was basically right.

OK, that’s my anecdotal contribution for the day. :slight_smile:

Lovely to know the 5 retired men don’t give a rattz arse about anyone but themselves.

Well yeah, in this case then Romney is right, the 47% not paying income tax (senior citizens) are lazy and self absorbed. :slight_smile:

At least Obama works for everyone, not 5 white guys of privilege

I pay taxes, and I pay quite a bit in taxes (six figures, all total). And I’m happy to do so.

Because it means I make a hell of a lot of money to pay that much in taxes.

And I’m the 47% of government moochers who will vote for Obama, but not because I’m protecting my government welfare check, but because I want a government where liberty for ALL is important - not just white, straight, Christian men. If the GOP would stand up for the rights of all, I think the old GOP was probably better on the fiscal issues (Democrats were tax and spend - but the new GOP seems to be “no tax, but still spend - just not on social issues”) - frankly, the fiscal issues take a back seat to human rights.

So this years Republican message is that the lazy bottom 47% need to get there shit together and start paying income tax, on top of the payroll, sales, state and other many taxes they already pay. Once they’ve done that they can be considered a part of the county that the president might concern himself with.
By the way, with all that new money Romney can introduce more tax breaks to the highest income households.

Romney is mainly funded by the ultra rich, but can he really expect those guys to keep sending him money if he makes such a hopeless case for himself?

Dang! I’m thinking I need to donate to the Romney campaign; they’re the most effective advocates for the reelection of President Obama.

I really don’t know. For a lot of people, yeah. But I’m also sure many people lack the self awareness to realize the SS and medicare they collect, and the non-existent federal income taxes they pay if they are retired means they are who Romney was talking about. Esp among his base who probably applauded Romney’s line.

Did the retired white guys realize that they’re part of the 47%?

Nobody ever thinks of themselves as moochers. Everyone thinks their situation is special and justifiable, and not everyone has the empathy to realize that other people may be in similarly justifiable situations.

That entire 47% probably thinks Romney is referring to another 47% of the population, and that those fuckers need to get off their asses.