The Ruger 10/22 thread....

I think I’ve owned more 10/22’s than any other gun, I typically buy a decent condition used 10/22, have fun with it for a few months, only to trade it off on the next “gottahaveit” gun a few months down the road.

I’m a manual action guy at heart, and prefer a good bolt or levergun to a semiauto, I like working the action, it just feels more natural to me, it may also explain why I only drive manual transmission cars, I hate sludgeboxes.

Somehow, though, I can’t explain it, I’ve fallen hard for my current 10/22, to the point that I’ve actually put time into modifying it…

It started as a used 50th anniversary Design Contest Winner

then I installed a KIDD bolt buffer, A BX trigger with auto bolt release, and TacSol extended eject lever
Next, a PWS Raptor midnight stock

And a pair of KIDD oversized trigger group pins
And a KIDD extractor

The reciever, bolt, and barrel are still factory though, I may send the barrel to Conneticut Precision Chambering for chamber work and perhaps a target crowning, but other than that, I think I’m happy with the way it’s set up now, it’s just plain fun, the Raptor stock has great ergos and looks cool, heck, even the sporter profile barrel looks good in the Raptor

It’s a fast handling, lightweight plinking/fun gun, I haven’t really shot for accuracy yet, it’s fun as it is, I can bounce kinetic targets, spinners, and swingers on my backyard range and have a blast with it as it is

With the KIDD extractor, the gun is 100% reliable, no stovepipe jams, which the factory extractor is notorious for

It’s just a plain fun gun, if the Hearing Protection Act passes I’ll get a suppressor for this setup, it’ll make plinking a bit more pleasant.

So, what’s your favorite 10/22?

They are great guns, an enduring classic. I got one for my 16th birthday. Still have it but don’t shoot it very often. That thing got used so heavily that the extractor slot in the bolt wore out. That was in the pre-internet days, I sent the complete bolt assembly to Ruger and told them I need a new one of these, let me know how much and I’ll send it to you. They sent me a whole new one, no charge! I’ll probably always have a soft spot in my heart for Ruger because of that.

I have the stainless with laminated mannlicher stock. It has killed more hogs than Oscar Meyer.
I bought it at a Walmart many years ago when I saw it on close out for ridiculously low price…
As soon as I got it home I realized I did something really stupid…I did not buy every one they had.
That gun is worth 3 times what I paid for it.
It likes fast, plated ammo (CCI stingers), will shoot 1/2" groups at 50 yards.

You’re a far braver man than I, Gunga Din, if you’re hunting wild pigs with a .22 calibre rifle.

I bought a 10/22 a few years ago. I love it.

I did some mods on it. Here it is.

Here are mine. The top one is stainless steel with a 22" barrel (only available at Wal-Mart), and the bottom one is a standard, blue, 20" barrel with a Mannlicher stock.

I only have one. the only unmodified parts on it are the receiver and bolt. Heavy barrel, nice walnut target stock, scope.

I bought my 10/22 over 30 years ago. It was my first gun and favorite gun.
I haven’t shot it in ten or fifteen years–it’s not so easy to find a place to shoot in Jersey.

I had several simple mods on it (nothing like what you guys are showing), but the one that was most practical was an aftermarket magazine release that has a little lever that extends out the bottom, so much easier to use than pushing the button release.

What a cool rifle.

I have one, I’ll have to dissent and say it’s merely okay. I wish I went with something else. It’s very picky with ammo and several parts in the unmodded gun like the extractor are crap.

Related aside: anyone have experience dealing with red Loctite? Heat gun should take care of it?

Very nice! I only have an old single-shot bolt-action 22 rifle (Montgomery Wards special) and a Ruger Single Six revolver. I’ve shot plenty of 10/22’s - I think it’s about time to get one.

I have my first gun, a Sears Model 41 like this one. It was made by Marlin (Model 101, I think) for Sears, Roebuck & Co., and J.C. Higgins.

That is nearly identical to the one I have (it was my grandpa’s). I did a little research on it and it was either made by Savage or Mossberg. It has been shot so many times, the trigger sear is really wore down - you can hit the butt of the gun and that is enough to get it to fire. You load it only when you are ready to shoot. It’s an accurate plinker.

Everybody did that, rather than put up with the proctologist’s magazine catch. And modified the hold-open with a round file so that it released when you pulled the bolt back.

My Model 41 wouldn’t fire every time. I was able to get a new striker spring from Marlin, and replaced it. Last time I shot it (probably 2005 or 2006) it worked like a charm.

My 10/22 is extremely ammo-sensitive as well; won’t even cycle the action fully with some ammo. Box-stock, except a composite/polymer/not-a-steel-pin bolt stop pin that I installed after little-to-no research - I was young & stupid.

Yes, heat gun will be adequate for red Loctite (assuming firearms-related hardware sizes & quantities here).

Yeah, as you’ll find these Sears guns can be harder to research. Savage did a lot of them, sometimes under another name (e.g. Stevens).

The best source I know of for parts for these things is Numrich. With hand diagrams to show exactly which part you need.

In my experience, Remington centerfire is good ammo, but their rimfire is not very good. I’ve had the best experience with Federal among the cheap stuff. But as I mentioned the extractor won’t catch the rim. I bought a Volquartsen but haven’t replaced it yet.

Thanks. I got a completely unnecessary bull barrel at one point, and the sight adapter I should’ve used blue Loctite. Since then the sight is out of whack so I need to remove and replace it, and rezero.

My stainless 10/22 digests Remington .22LR nicely. (Haven’t fired the other one yet.) My Ruger Mk.II hates Remington. The pistol has a ‘target’ chamber, and the rifle has a looser chamber.

Jeez, where did you guys get such picky Rugers? My 10/20 is box-standard and it digests anything without a hiccup. The only thing it’s ever had an issue with is the lips on some after-market banana clips I bought and disposed of years ago.

My Mk II loves Federal lead-nosed and tolerates most other foods. The closest it comes to hate is anything CCI; nice groups but a must-clean every hundred rounds or two. And since I don’t enjoy taking the thing apart or putting it together, I try to avoid those.

Have had several 10/22s over the years but I’m primarily a bolt guy and single shots at that. I’ve never parted with a Mauser KKW; I’ve never had a 10/22 more than say 2 years.

Yeah, mine (standard model, ca. 1997) fires it all. The only kind that I ever really had anything approaching trouble with was the Remington Thunderbolt brick ammo from back then- it was really sooty, dirty stuff, and it would crud up the bolt and receiver and it would start having issues toward the end of a few hours at the range. Remington Golden Bullet was fine, as were all the other brands.