The rule about not mentioning the other board should be lifted.

Its name has been mentioned in this very thread, by a Moderator no less. What, you can’t use Google?

BTW, WTF is the actual rule? I’ve heard three completely different answers from two mods and an admin. What’s the rule?

You’ve only heard one answer in this thread: mention okay but stupid, link not okay AND stupid.

Actually, no. I was remotely aware that another board existed because it was talked about a lot during the kaitlyn/numbersix fiasco, which I caught probably by coincidence, and another poster mentioned it to me in a PM recently, but I’ve never read it, don’t intend to, and while I probably could’ve found it, I did not know it was called the Snarkpit (a name that is somehow creative, catchy, and annoying as fuck all at once.)

I come here to talk about movies, video games, tv shows, books, politics, and occasionally get help researching or answering factual questions my overactive mind dreams up. Essentially, every forum, to me, is mundane pointless stuff I must share. That this could spawn a whole separate community boggles my mind. It’s like people who subscribe to wrestling magazines, or read fan fiction. Get a productive hobby!

Shoot, I swear like the illegitimate offspring of a trucker and a longshoreman all over the place, you figure they’d catch a clue that I never get a mod warning for it but NOOOOOO…

I got mentioned there for the first time over the weekend. Somebody said I was cute, and somebody else said I looked like a douchebag. :slight_smile:

You’re a cute douchebag, the best kind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aw, thanks. :smiley:

Oh. I thought that was some kind of a joke name for something, like “teh intarwebs” or whatever.

So now I know the answer. I feel none the wiser, but ever so slightly better informed.

I don’t believe it exists. No link to it has ever worked. It’s like some gigantic inside joke.

IIRC, it used to be a lot nastier when it was on LJ. People were harassed in real life, or what have you. Or something like that. I can’t remember exactly what happened.

Then they were kicked off, and now it mostly consists of a bunch of adolescents. Or adolescent-minded people.

How mysterious! Too bad they haven’t invented Google yet, or you could type in the name of the board, which has been named in this very thread several times, and find out the truth.

I think I’m gonna call you “Whooshie” from now on.

This is accurate. One member of the SDMB community on LJ (who actually hasn’t posted to the SDMB for years now), was mailed - I mean actual, physical mail to her actual house where she actually lived - a nasty anonymous note* mocking her small children *by one of these cretins. Her kids! It was unfreakingbelievable. Who does that shit?

I hadn’t looked at the snarkpit in ages until just the other day when a link was posted, and I was surprised at how boring it was. It used to be at least somewhat amusing, if mean-spirited. Total waste of time.