The Russian female solider parade uniform is high heels and a mini skirt?

Is this pic for real?

It appears to be legit as a part of the “Miss Russian Army” contest.

Russia has come a long ways. :smiley:

Goose-stepping takes on a whole new meaning when totalitarian women troops are wearing go-go boots.

Explains all those big, hard rockets at the May Day Parade.

Huh, well, all I got is the word of the poster at that board back in '07 that it is so… (I suppose that would be “progress” for ya… you bet there were no miniskirt cuties back in the Brezhnev days :p) It could as well be just Mr. Putin’s personal limo-driver Corps…

And that video cameraman could only get any more obvious if he’d just lie on his back in between the ranks.

FWIW when China adopted their 2007 pattern dress uniform, the official English-language press release actually said that the cut of the new female outfits was “sassier”. I’ve a hard time imagining any major Western army using that descriptor. (See pics #8 and #15 in this page for the actual PLA women’s parade dress look)

I suppose it’s only fitting that they should have stiletto heels.

Looking at those pictures make you think there’s like a billion people in China!


I think there’s an older thread somewhere. There the women were Ukrainians. The picture looks familiar, I wonder if it’s the same. Anyway, the outcome of that thread was that the skirts are standard issue but the shoes are not, as is obvious if you look at them.

Yeah, I’m thinking this is not an “official” parade, or is perhaps some sort of ROTC-type exhibition. In addition to the non-standard shoes, some of the women appear to be wearing earings, and the style and placement of their pony-tails is different (different hair lengths, different types of hair-ties, etc). I would think that these details would be standardized in a proper military dress uniform.

According to a couple of webpages I found, they’re Russian police officers.
Using Google Translate:

x-ray, you have a NSFW picture in your second link. I’ve let the mods know.

Still and all a very nice set of military Russian lady pics. Wonder why they threw the naked female soliders in?

Better view of the battlefield?

i don’t care what people say but that picture definitely glorifies the white race. WOOHOO!

I saw these pics on the Boston Globe page. I couldn’t believe how hot they all were. Police women don’t usually look like supermodels outside of Hollywood fabrication.

And notice that in pic #19 they are wearing much more sensible standard shoes.

Maybe they’re trying for a futuristic look.

They’re not all ‘hot’ but they are in great shape. There are no even partially fat ones. We’re so used to seeing thickish to pudgy police women in the US that pic is kind of shocker.

If we were invaded by that lot I’d surrender faster than a Frenchman facing the Wermacht.