The Ryan, you are NOT cute!

This thread is only the latest example of your willful disregard of both basic courtesy and logic in your neverending need to have the last word. Your hair-splitting over word choice while refusing to even look at the actual thrust of arguments is frustrating beyond words. Insulting other posters because you don’t understand their arguments is not an acceptable debating tactic!

In his world, it apparently is. See, how it works is: you act like a dickhead; then people tell you “I won’t talk to you if you act like a dickhead;” then you act like a dickhead again; they consequently refuse to talk to you; snf then you can claim to have won the “debate.”

Who he imagines is fooled by this, I don’t know.

Oh, I dunno… I think it’s kinda cute when the tips of his ears get all red and twitchy and he scrunches up his face — you know — how he gets right before he starts building his straw men?

It’s just so damn funny to see his forehead crease up after you reprimand him for his hijinks.

[50’s television dad]Oh, that Ryan![/50’s tv dad]

I can’t beleive I wasted my time talking to that guy.

He’s one of the few posters I actively dislike. I’ve never been motivated enough to actually start a pit thread about him, but since it’s here. Yeah he’s an ass. His stupid word games are pointless. Even when he’s arguing my point, I really don’t want him responding, as he detracts from the civility and manages to frequently sidetrack debates.

Even when we agree I have the overwhelming urge to kick the living shit out of him - it’s just that posting style of his.


What creeps me out even more is that when first seeing him post–given the username and some profile info–I thought that it might have been a friend of mine who I didn’t know visited here. Subesequent jackassery has proved me wrong.

Strange. You have no quotes to support your assertion, just a link.

That’s ridiculous. It was Jodi that was doing the hair-spltting, over “discriminating” and “expressing one’s belief that one should discriminate”, as if they were somehow different.

If you can find a single insult directed at another poster by me in that thread (and no, me asking Jodi to pay attention to what I am saying is not an insult), I will apologize.

Again, I find the lack of any evidence strange. I would like to remind you that you said:

This was after Doreen had said:

Which is obviously a hypothetical situation. When I called you on your error, you got pissy and refused to continue the discussion.

You also said:

two attempts to tell me what I was saying.

So you state an obviously falsehood, get annoyed when I point it out, and brazenly rewrite my post, then call me a dickhead.

Yeah, I remember when you accused my of using a straw man:

Which is kind of ironic. I mean, here you are basically accusing me of using a straw man, and in doing so attribute a logical argument I did not present! Prior to that, you said:

If, after that statement, saying that you believe they are the same is a straw man, then saying that Bush is against abortion must be a straw man.

What is all the more amazing is that I repeatedly asked you to explain what I was missing, and you refused, insisting that I was intentionally not getting the point. How can you complain about other people not understanding your position, when you refuse to clear up misconceptions of it that arise?

Yeah, can you believe that after such statements as

I still couldn’t figure out what Scylla’s position was? Can anyone who hasn’t read the thread tell me what Scylla’s position is? (People who have read the thread are excluded because they would probably just repeat the last thing he said).

Early on in the thread I asked

A simple yes or no question. Yet Scylla absolutely refused to answer it, instead giving evasive half-answers like “I would not support a special exception for rape or incest victims after the first trimester, other than as deemd by a qualified physician as medically necessary.” And when I said that that didn’t answer my question, what did he do? He repeated it. As if a half-answer given twice is somehow equal to a full answer given once.

I just can’t comprehend the gall of people who make contradictory statements, are disdainful of requests for clarification, and then complain that their opponents are being unreasonable.

No, just to devote a sig to me. Damn, you showed me!

This from someone who tried to make it sound like I believe that goldfish rule the US.

You mean my non-knee-jerk-liberalism? Must be really irrating to someone with attitudes like yours, such as that any homosexual who does not agree with the homosexual agenda is a hypocrite (and yes, he did, for all intents and purposes, refer to a set of political positions as the homosexual agenda).

Well, that’s 0 for 7 on support for claims. But I have to wonder at the validity of not only your evidence but also your conclusions. You do not seem to have any problem siding with jackasses, so I don’t see my alleged jackassery as proving me not to be your friend.

Like I said. I never tried to make it sound like that. I tried to get you to admit that they had control over the united states, which you later admitted.

Hmmm, took every single one of our posts, seperately, and dissected them line by line.


If you’re looking for cites, you just gave us a thread full of them, Ryan - thanks.


Dear sweet Jesus. That was classic jackassery.

They are different. The first is an action and the other is a statement describing the value of an action.

I said that they have some control. You kept dropping the word “some” from your quotations of my position. I really don’t see anything ridiculous in believing that goldfish influence the actions of Americans, albeit in very small amounts.

I would like to point out that while I have provided quotes and arguments, you guys have responded with simple insults. I know this is the Pit and all, but that just means you can be assholes, not that you have to. Do you have anything more than subjective impressions and baseless accusations to indict me?


No, expressing a belief is not a statement. It is an action.

bum bum bum bum

actually what we have to indict you is that not a single poster on this board likes you, appreciates your arguments, or thinks you add to a debate.

Ok, I take that back. After all, there was a single poster that thought circumsion caused the worlds woes, so it’s possible that one or two like you. The vast majority do not.
and I’d just like to finish by saying
bum bum bum bum

Disect THAT!