The Scholar

Why aren’t we talking about the one reality show that one would think would appeal to dopers the most?
Smart kids, tested on knowledge of various subjects, winning scholarship money, all things you would think we would enjoy but no threads on it at all.
What’s up with that?

I’d watch if they played to the death.

I watched last night’s episode. I wasn’t impressed. They need to be in Speedos at the very least. It was good to watch the cocky kid get face-crushed, though.

Sometimes the kids cry. That’s fun.

If they made them eat sheep guts or lay in a tank full of rats, would we watch?
Seeing that cocky kid have a brain fart on national TV and blow 50 grand was entertaining.
But I think they edited out a bit where he protested that he was right only to be proved wrong.

They don’t appear that smart to me. And that one girl who they label “math prodigy” – when have you ever heard of a true math prodigy that couldn’t get a scholarship? In fact, when have you ever heard of a truly gifted kid that couldn’t get a scholarship? Sounds bogus to me. Yet still I watch!

Well, going to a top school costs a ton of money. A scholarship does not equal going where you want to go to school. One the girls who got the $50,000 prize mention that it would cover about 1/4 of her college. So she still has another 150 grand to go.