The Scorpions are retiring, kind of.

The Scorpions are retiring, in a couple of years.*
That’s sad, because I used to love their music. They have a couple more years to tour, though, so I may yet see them before they, or I, die.


Ah, I love those guys. Rock me like a huricane…

You and I

Wind of Change

But my German friend Played had a tape that he played every morning, timed to the back whips and Smoky Mountain venture into the Taunus every morning on his way to HochSchule… Played exactly to time without speedlimit. This cassette tape also played in contrast to and ended with Dire Straits- Brothers In Arms. Original Mix tape… still have the BASF copy.

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Winds of Change

I can’t sing, but I’m a whistling Mother Fucker.

Still Loving You.

Never Stopped.

I think I speak for most people when I say, “The Scorpions hadn’t already retired about fifteen years ago?

Says the man who farts dust.

This may be the only time I get to chime in on a thread like this: I was lucky enough to see them when they toured this country two years ago. Great crowd, great music, and an awesome drummer.

Gosh, they’ve been around a while, haven’t they? I recall buying one of their albums 30 years ago when I was in the UK. The one with Another Piece of Meat on it. They were just about to break out then. Also remember UFO from back in the day. Good guys, great band and good god I’m getting old!