The SDMB being barred.

Evening all,
I’m curious, has the Dope been ‘blacklisted’ abroad?
I.e. added to China’s great firewall list et cetera.

I changed “SDMP” to “SDMB.” That IS what you meant, isn’t it?

samclem, moderator

But you have to admit the Straight Dope Mounted Police would be pretty cool.

“They always get their cites.”

Only if they were armed with Orbital Goat Cannons, Machinenraketenschreienflugenflammenschwienbüchse, or 1920s Style Death Rays.

And we must be wearing Busbys. i should {sniffle} CRY {bo-hoo-HOO} if there wrre no Busbys!


Or the Straight Dope Monkey Patrol

I figured the mods already rode into battle mounted on goats and/or squids. The better to strike fear in the hearts of spammers and whatnot. But the red uniforms and smokey hats would probably complement the jackboots nicely.

I’m glad the SDMP are cavalry. Garry Owen!!

You can use the Great Firewall of China to see if a website has been blocked in that country.

It keeps coming up with an error for the Board, but the regular Straight Dope website appears to be unblocked at least.

Wait–don’t we have posters who regularly post from the PRC?

Maybe they’ve been taken away.

hee hee haa haa

Nothing happened. It banned itself!

I think the SDMP should saddle up their grass mud horses and send a patrol out against the great firewall.

Sorry, I stopped at picker’s post, trying to imagine saddling a squid. I failed at googling that: apparently you can have squids or saddles, but not both. Maybe it should be left to the imagination.

Well, you have to have a saddle. When the squid starts to gallop, you might be thrown off.

Defeating the firewall in china is trivial for foreigners with an overseas credit card. Just sign up for a VPN service like astrill. From memory of last time I was j. China I think that the sdmb is blocked but I’m not 100 percent sure of that.

Ah ain’t no durn hayseed y’know! Apparently there are no on-line instructions on how to saddle one’s squid. And that just does not sound right.

Naw, bareback is easier to hold on. Saddles just slide off when they jet.

Google provides no image of a saddled squid. Squid Saddle is a thing though.

Seriously now.

The Straight Dope site and the message board have been blocked from public and private sites in the past, including the Armed Forces iinternet and entities that subscribe to services such as “Net Nanny.” This includes some libraries.

And the site is no doubt blocked on some company websites. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many or who exactly.