The SDMB-Centric Trivia Question Thread

{Evil Grin} It will become exceptionally clear why this particular set of questions is specific to SDMB as you discover the answers. Feel free to add others in the same vein.

  1. What 1980s album contained the songs “Hungry Like the Wolf,” “New Religion,” and “Hold Back the Rain”?

  2. What was the tower at Wardenclyffe, Long Island, built to hold?

  3. How often, in what year, and for how long did Richard Nixon consider “doing an Al Gore” about disputed votes?

  4. What would be the results of X-man Scott Summers lifting his visor to get a good look at your pet Weimariner?

  5. What’s the appropriate greeting when encountering the Webmistress of the Teeming Millions Homepage?

  6. What usually happened to the ancient Israelites of Bible times when the giant King of Bashan went to war with them?

  7. What is the almost-certain plot development in any non-Lesbian porn, regardless of the “setup” used to open the story?

  8. Our parents’ sisters have staged a coup d’etat and established an oligarchy. What is the appropriate phrase to pay them allegiance?

Once, in 1960, for 20 minutes.

Burning dog.

Hi Opal!

Penis ensues.

I, for one, welcome our new aunt overlords.

That last one wasn’t really SDMB-specific, though. As for the rest, I’m currently clueless.

Oh, you’re supposed to add your own.

  1. What foodstuff is traditionally served by someone who returns to a thread?

[nerd mode]
Actually, Scott’s optic blasts only provide force, not heat (save for a small amount through friction.) So the result would be more like “I putting your dog a mile under the Earth’s crust” than it would be “I burning your dog.”
[/nerd mode]

Rio by Duran Duran

6. What usually happened to the ancient Israelites of Bible times when the giant King of Bashan went to war with them?

Batman won if he was prepared

When come back, bring pie.

When do Dopers bring out the Goat? And what happens?

  1. OG SMASH!!!
  1. In the “Flapper” era, what was considered the weapon of the future, able to terminate life without the use of projectiles?

Oh, and:

  1. If Bertie Wooster enlisted for military service, what function would Jeeves perform?

Hmmm… sounds like a 1920’s style “death ray”.

Hmmm… sounds like a 1920’s style “death ray”.


A 1920s Style Death Ray!

(The rest having been answered already)

Batman, if he were prepared.

Annie-Xmas was wrong, and Malacandra right, on question #6. And of course Monkey Chews and Mindfield gave the correct (same) answer to questions #2 and #11.

This one should have been Number 3.

Someone wishes to confirm that he has indeed captured you. What does he ask?

Gotcha ya?

All your base are belong to us?

What do you call a two-faced, 1.5 foot, freezing aquamarine object that Bill Cosby endorses?

A double-ended 18" ice-blue jelly dildo?


That is to say, an eighteen inch, ice blue, jell-o ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) dildo.