SDMB threads famous outside the SDMB

I was thinking about the recent popularity of the LOTR and Scylla’s Blimp threads outside the Board itself, either in the print media or on other sites, and was wondering if there have been other threads in the past that have drawn a similar level of interest from non-Dopers. Anyone know?

I’ve seen the

How to kill evil Nazi Groundhogs

thread discussed elsewhere on the internet, and I’m told at least a few current dopers signed up because of it. I don’t know who they would be, though.

I remember the “What happens on May 33rd but only on a leap year?” thread was quite widely linked to, mainly because it contained so many theories and debunkings of this radio quiz question. It contained the answer at the end as well, IIRC.

I think that I came to the boards from the main page because the evil Nazi Groundhogs was the Threadspotting that day.

I have seen Wally’s Cybersex piece outside the SDMB as well.

Without wanting to be in any way disrepectful to the memory of this clearly brilliant and funny man, the cybersex piece was not his original work. Plenty of the other stuff was though, as I understand it.

Ahhh, did not know that. Thanks for clearing that up.

There was a thread about how cats outsmart their owners that made the glurgy e-mail rounds a year or so ago. It was kind of weird, opening up your mail and seeing your post in it.