The SDMB is like a drug...

… In the sense that - Sooner or later you move on to something ‘harder’.

Lately I have spent most of my ‘board’ time at another MB. I won’t name it because the mods/admins probably won’t like that. I will say that it’s clientele is not as sophisticated as the SDMB (not by a long way),. But there is a heck of a lot more traffic. And it runs like ten thousand hamsters on speed. And it allows image tags. and it allows editing and… and… I could go on.

Just thought I’d share that. Not sure why.

That’s why it’s called the Dope. :smiley:

In my experience, most do… this board seems to be the exception.

:smiley: That too.

(I have a genius for missing the obvious)

And it allows image tags. and it allows editing…


I find this board’s lack of those a nice relief. No editing means no F*cking with what was written and no image tags means no disturbing, distracting, and or stupid images.

oh the irony.

There are other message boards?! :eek: :slight_smile:

I love the fact that this message board does not allow all the extra stuff. Back to basics, man.

If I had to wade through everybody’s image signature tags on the way to discovering The Truth, I’d request my five bucks back.

Simple. Spartan. Truthful.

Image tags are the spawn of the devil. So are avatars and any other crap that tries to distract you away from noticing that someone’s posts are vapid and substanceless. One of the top five reasons I love this board is the minimalizism of it - your posts are judged by their content, not their appearance. It’s very MLK.

Thou shalt not bow down to false message boards. Yea verily The Dope is the one true message board. All that is truth and ignorance fighting is containeth within the Dope. Thou shalt not take the name of The Dope in vain. However, if thou must, keepeth it in The Pit.

The Word Of The Dope!

The SDMB encourages one to be sensible, thoughtful, tolerant, helpful, articulate. The other board encourages one to goof about, oggle nice ladies, post pointless meaningless nonsense.

It’s stimulating to be helpful and articulate etc… but at heart I am a goof. I started here as a goof (you may remember me as a goof). And there are people here who can out-wit, out-articulate, out-helpful me by miles. On the other board I seem to fit in.

Yep, Lobsang… I know what you mean about your other message board. I could say the same things about my other message board… and about the Dope, too.

Nobody here knows which message board I mean, except cityboy. :smiley:

Won’t link to it here, but it’s the one where my new boyfriend and I can get to know each other. :slight_smile:

(vesides, editing means I can fix my typos! :D)


I think you posted your message in the wrong place. Was this where you meant to put it?

That other board has just undergone the VB3 upgrade.

That might give you a clue as to which board it is (if you also post there. And I am almost certain there are some dopers there)

But if you know. It’s probably best not to say.

Then it’s not the same one… the other one isn’t even vBulletin. :eek: (Blasphemy!)

Yeah, and I ain’t tellin’! :smiley: