The SDMB Peerage Registry... Get Your Title From Fairy Princess Kitty

She’s been a naughty little kitty folks, trust me. Since Mr. Sweetie Pie… er, Cynical didn’t finish the job, I guess it’s down to me.

Step right up fellow dopers and get your official royal title from the little Princess herself. There are a few peerages already established here at the boards. For instance we all know about Anthracite being:
Dark Queen of the Unholy Lesbian Vampire Army of the Night.
But what was she before her coronation? The Contessa of Coal? The Mineshaft Marquessa?

Anyway, this is your chance to assume the mantle of royalty here at the boards. I give you the Peerage Registry of Fairy Princess Kitty!

Okay. I’m game. Lay it on me, Princess.

Oh goody, me too!

I’ve never had a title before…

Now THAT’s what I’m talking 'bout!

Hit me with a title, FPK!

I want one too!!! Gee I wonder if I am classy enough for a title…probably not but I want one anyway! Please please please!

One for me please!

From one cat to another, gimme a good one.

I already have a tiara, so I should probably have a title, too, eh?

Ohh, me too, please


Sure, gimme one too. it’ll look good on my profile next to my patron-sainting by Swiddles.

I’m already a registeres Speaker, but other titles suit me too, lay it on!

I’m game.

I think I’ll have a sash made with my new title emblazoned upon it in rhinestones. I already have a tiara, too, and it goes well with my cow-print bathrobe. All in all, I say it will make me look quite regal.

What the heck, I’ve always wanted to be Royalty :wink:

If you would be so kind, Kitty, please grant me a title.

Lay it on me, I’m game.

<joins the stampede>
Do you have a spare barony lying about, perhaps, Your Highness?

Yep, I’m game. Bring it on!

Me, me, me!

Hey, you! Yeah, you–the would-be Baron…drop the yarmulke, and get in line.

You’d think I would learn to preview…

Me seventeen!

Am I early enough to get in there before all the duchies and baronies are gone?


If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like one too.