The SDMB Peerage Registry... Get Your Title From Fairy Princess Kitty

Ooo… me, too! Take your time, I know you have school to worry about.

Sign me up please.

I wanna be the Grand Duchess of MSTie Dopers!

Well I guess you can give me another title.

When I signed up online for the frequent flyer with United Airlines they gave me a long list of titles (rather than the usual Mr. Mrs & Ms) Well I choose Countess. So now all of my mail from United is addressed to Countess Deb.

can i have one too? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the recipe on the other thread.

That is really cool. :cool: So, can I rename it Fonz’s Fast Eggplant. I can build a chain of FFE’s. Beats KFC all to hell!

And now, Fairy Princess Kitty, if you run out of ideas, click on my sig link. That should give you ideas. :wink:

Can I have a title? Por favor :slight_smile:

I’m game. What kind of a title do you give to a deity?

Ok, set me up, sugar. I can always use a new title, as long as it doesn’t sound like I cover myself in french-whorehouse-in-a-bottle.

Your Highness,

Might I be so bold as to request a title for myself?

Yr humble servant,


Gimme somma that good lovin’ Kitty!

All this time on the boards and I’ve never been given an SDMB title.

I think it’s time for one now.

Sock it to me!

I’ve been here since April 2000. I want a title!!! Dub me whatever you like.

I wanna title! I wanna title!

ok. me too

::taps foot impatiently::
::looks at watch umpteenth time::
Well, you know how it is with royalty folks…

(You do want a befitting title, no?)[/sup]

Looks at the long line. Sighs. Steps in line anyway.

Might as well.


I can hardly wait, this should be good.

Okay, she is my “little sister,” so I wouldn’t mind a title.

Y[sup]r[/sup] Royal Felineness:
As I shall be presently battling the Hordes of Ignorant Fundamentalists, I shall require a title suitable for a Warrior-Aristocrat. Something for my men to know me by, you know, a name they can bless with their dying breath. A Barony would be suitable, as would a County, just so I have serfs to battle where ignorant armies clash by night.
-Y[sup]r[/sup] Avid Fan,