The SDMB Weight Loss Club!

Okay all you wishy-washy pansies! It’s almost spring, and now is the start of the official SDMB Weight Loss Club! All of us New Years Resolutions backsliders will unite and backslide no more! You have 2 days before spring officially starts, but we can get an early jump on things!

This is how the club will work… anyone who wants can join (as long as they don’t try to drag morale down!) and we will try to keep each other going and on the right track to our goals. If you want, you can add weekly updates of how much you’ve lost, how you feel your progressing (or not progressing), etc.

So who’s in this with me??

I’m with ya…

I’ll post my first weight loss (it better be, dammit) tomorrow. It’s my WW meeting and weigh-in day.

Approximately 20 pounds to go.

I’ve been having a rough time the past couple days. Very very hungry during the day; so hungry that I blow through my points by 2:00 PM. The good news is that I ran last night and didn’t eat when I came back. Running fanatics would probably say that I should have eaten… Oh well.

I blew through my points again today; this time by 1:00 PM.

3-miler when I get home, then an allergy shot appointment. w00t!

14 down and six to go (but I didn’t make it to the gym this morning–I couldn’t wake up, and when I finally did, it was raining (so that’s why I’m so damn sleepy, I thought), so I burrowed deeper and stayed in the sack for another 45 minutes). . .

When I make it there, I’m buying myself this dress!

How will you reward yourselves? :slight_smile:

Got 40 pounds to lose to get to my target of 180, so I’m in too! :smiley:

Em I’m gonna buy myself a wetsuit so that I don’t look like the Michelin Man when I get certified to dive! :wink:

My weight right now is 220, and thanks for this thread. I assume we will not diss each other as to our methods, because I will be low-carbing.


OMG, Em! Guess you know I won’t be sleeping tonight for fantasizing about you in that dress, right? :wink:

Good luck to you, and to all of us! :smiley:


Not sure I like being called “wishy-washy”, though! :D:D:D:D


Since I coincidentally started a diet today, I guess I’m in, too. I’d like to lose 20. I’m just planning to eat more sensibly (oh how I love Ranch flavored Doritos) and exercise more.

Good luck to us all!

OK, I’m in.

I’ve lost 30 lbs since last January, and kept it off since Thanksgiving. I have 30 to go (at 170 now, would like to be 140).

I’ve been doing WW online, but have really fallen off the wagon. That first 30 gave me enough of a boost to let my guard down and feel sort of OK with where I’m at. Having a hard time getting re-motivated.

So kick my ass, SDMBers!!

Let me weigh in as well… I’m at 140, but I’d like to be at about 115-120…

Now before you all go jumping all over me, I’m only 5 foot flat, and that is approximately my target weight!

No, there will be no dissing, simply helpfull information and pointers!
Different things work for different people, and that will be respected here

I weigh 152 and I would like to weigh 131.

I’m 5’5" and that’s in the middle of my healthy weight range.

More power to you! I won’t dis your methods, if you’ll be understanding about why I must refuse to believe that low-carbing actually works . . .

. . . it’s so that I won’t have to feel guilty for all the bread and pasta I suck down! No, really. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, two of my coworkers enjoyed splendid success at low-carb diets. But wow, it seems like carbs are hidden everywhere, according to those two!

I myself have chosen to become what my SO calls “The Calorie Nazi”–go 'head, ask me how many calories in a Hershey’s kiss! In half a Thomas’s honey wheat bagel with 2 tbsp. cream cheese! In a bowl of Special K! In an Eggo waffle! In a small smoked turkey sandwich from Schlotzsky’s! In 55 goldfish crackers! In 1/4 cup of crumbled feta cheese! I know it all! :wink:

Oh, and as for me in the dress . . . back atcha with the wetsuit, Baby. :wink:

Will there be flippers? I love flippers . . . :smiley:

Then I must be aiming for the bottom of my weight range, because I started at 152 and am aiming for 132 . . .

. . . and I’m 5’7". :confused:

Truthfully, though, for me it’s not about the pounds so much as it is about getting comfortably back into my cutey-booty little polka-dotty silk skirt that I bought last summer (when I weighed 132, and even then it was rather . . . form-fitting) and used to wear to try to woo my auto mechanic. :smiley:

A friend of mine’s husband is a personal trainer, and he vehemently discourages fitness goals based on pounds–he constantly reminds us (me and his wife) that it’s about changing the shape of your body, not about what the scale says.

Which is why I’m trying to use the skirt as a gauge, and not the scale, but it’s so hard! It’s almost like I can’t help it; I try to keep my focus solely on getting rid of my buttflaps and getting my new buns of steel back into that skirt, but I can’t get out of the habit of thinking that * getting down to 132 lbs. will get me into the skirt.*

I’m carrying a few extra pounds. My ideal weight is supposed to be 199, but I haven’t weighed that since I was in my early teens. My GF (nurse) says that I need to get my body mass index or whatever the hell in order to get a true number for my ideal weight. I have a big frame. Just to look at me, you wouldn’t call me fat, but I really need to drop 20 lbs. (I’m in the 225 range now). My cholesterol is horrible and the 20 lbs. would really help that.

So, I’m in! This should be good. I need the moral support.

I really need a scale. There was a nice hospital-style one here at work and some asshole broke it. I’ll buy one and then post my actual weight. 20 lbs. is my goal, that would be fantastic!

Thanks, great thread.

Ok, I’m in. I joined a health club for my birthday and have been working out for 2 weeks now. My starting weight is 233, though you wouldn’t guess it to look at me. I’m trying to get down to 140ish. I figure if I loose 2 lbs a week, that’s 20 lbs every three months. By this time next year I’ll be within 20 lbs of my goal. I’m trying not to weigh myself too often and have managed not to get on the scale since my initial weighing session. My diet will probably stay pretty much the same as I eat pretty healthy. The only thing I’m trying to do is to eat more small meals as opposed to three big meals a day.

Count me in, too. I want to be under 195 by September, I’m at about 220 now. Gotta start jogging again.

I’m in. I am at 230 and would like to be at 150. I want to learn how to stop eating at the point that I don’t feel hungry. I am out of work and sitting at my computer constantly and seem to have a need for a consistent supply of something to chew on. I would really like to feel healthy again.

I agree with the personal trainer person about the weight not being the primary focus. If you are doing any kind of weight training as the fat converts to muscle you actually may weigh more as you get in shape. If you’re just into losing weight then as the fat leaves the weight goes down, but you aren’t necessarily in better condition.

I want to do both: lose weight and be in better shape. I am going to try and get in the habit of swimming daily again. I don’t really like any kind of exercise regimen.

Darn, it seems this thread is either too late for me or I’m too early for it!

Weight on Jan 20th: 96 kilos / 211 pounds.

Weight now: 82 kilos, 180 pounds.

Loss: 30.8 pounds.

I’m also a whole lot fitter and stronger.

So, even though I can’t join in, maybe I can humbly serve as inspiration to prove that yes, it can be done! Good luck to you all.

OK, count this tubby dude in.

I’m at 278 and my goal, short term, is 250. Long term goal is 220. I haven’t lost any weigh for a while, but have been doing pretty well at keeping off what I did lose.

Don’t be a slave to the scales, is my first tip. You start getting on them damn things every day, and you’ll get depressed, especially if you’re one of our lady friends, 'cause y’all have some serious weight fluctutations due to your um, Aunt Flo coming to visit. :wink:

And Em, I won’t strictly be low-carbing. I’ll be counting the calories too. On top of that riding my bike three days a week and I should be losing. The bike is no problem. The beer, however, is! :smiley: So I have some major adjustments to make. :wink:

Let’s check in with each other a lot, okay?

I’d appreciate hearing from anyone with any tips.