The SDMB's greatest meltdowns

I was just reading a thread from last October in which we sort of inadvertantly caused a fellow poster to melt down and leave the boards. The poster in question actually started posting again a few days later, but the whole sordid episode spawned some discussion of board meltdowns in general. These seem to be kind of thing of the past. I mean, when was the last time you saw a full flaming thrombo thread? I think it happened more before we went P2P. Anyways, it might be educational to the newer members to see some of the classic implosions of olde, and entertaining for the old timers to say Holy shit! I remember that!

Anyone care to get us started?

It’s been purged with old threads, but the classic had to be when Satan, drunk with his own self-assumed importance and massive ego, decided that he could tell Coldfire, at that time a mod, that Coldfire should just shut up, back off and let him, Satan, run Great Debates.

it didn’t end well…

I will try these:

No you can’t use my bathroom

Thank you Dopers

Question for Beryl Mooncalf

That should get us started.

SSG Schwartz

Considering most meltdowns deal with posters who are no longer here and can’t defend themselves, I think we can skip this thread.