The season starts Sunday at 1 EDT. And the Steelers' march to the Super Bowl begins.

So, Sunday is the REAL beginning of the season, when the only team worth two squirts of piss in the entire league runs all over the Clevel…erm, Baltimore Bro…Ravens, and their defense, which is merely a shadow of its former self.

The Ravens are gonna be the Steel Curtain’s doormats, as they begin to carve their swath through the AFC North. Hell, Redman has so much lead in his ass that I think he got shot up worse than Joey Porter. Porter could limp his ass out there on Sunday and get 5 sacks on Redman.

Ahhh…it feels so good to see football again. Especially since the Steelers are going to win the Super Bowl and get one for the thumb. And the Ravens, once more, will be playing golf by Christmas, whilst I cheer my Steelers on to victory.
[sub]Now, Dave, bring it. Let the smack talking begin.[/sub]

Why bother? Christ, at least get your facts straight if you wanna talk smack. Joey Porter absolutely could drag his ass into Ravens Field, nothern branch, and sack Redman five times, because Redman will be standing on the sidelines wearing headphones. Knowing the general intelegence of the Stillers, it wouldn’t suprise me to see them do such a thing.

The only thumb the Steelers should be concerned with is the one up their ass. They had their chance several years ago, and relied on Neil O’Donnel to get them there.


Yeah, it’s tough to win when someone throws the game, but now we have guys with integrity.

cough cough Ray “obstruction of justice” Lewis cough cough

You guys MUST be kidding; it’s a given that the Dallas Cowboys will take the prize this year!


Yinzer checking in.

Stillers are goin’ dawn tawn on dem Ravens. New season, same story - Stillers own the Ravens n’at.

Apparently, Cleveland is taking the news badly, Airman.

Shit, in Baltimore, that’s not even a crime.


Come January, the Rams will reign victorious.

Go 'Niners!

Go 'Niners!

Go 'Niners!

The Broncos will make you all cry this year, boys and girls. Might as well give up now.

Ah, they’re 2000’s style “Football Teams”.

Oh, yea? Well, the Saints are going to kick everyone’s ass!

Until December, when they drop three in a row to the likes of the Bengals or Carolina or something.

It’s been much too long since the last Super Bowl for the Steelers. It will be great to give the rest of the league another reason to hate them- revenge for the last few years’ shortened seasons.

The Ravens will either be blown off the line or it will be a long day for Tommy Maddox. If he has time to throw, it will be enough to outscore the Ravens- their QB, whoever it may be, won’t be up to the task. Kendrell Bell has his number.

I hope this is the shot in the ass the Steelers needed. Anything other than victory over the Ravens is unacceptable.

To respond to the rest:

The Broncos will make their fans cry, that’s for sure.
Go 'Niners- and take the Rams and Cowboys with you.
To those ignorant bastards in Cleveland- Keep it on the field, assholes.

The Steelers are a WAY better team than the Ravens, but Pit sucks on opening days.

[sub]Hey us Steeler fans needed an out if we lose[/sub]

While I have no doubt that we’ll beat the tar out of the Ravens (it takes little Stiller “intelegence” to figure that one out), I fear that our defense will be just as porous as last year. It seems like we are relying on Maddox to win footraces with other teams, rather than making any meaningful changes to a secondary that seemed to think that “1” comes after “3”. Too many guys are still in black and gold that should have been farmed out to the Ravens and all the other teams that continually take our cast offs (no offense, Rod). We were a passable (pun only sorta intended) defense before, with Porter out, we’re that much worse off.

So, I know we’ll be 2-0 with the first and last games of the season, but the rest is up in the air.

Quote the Raven, “Huh? Whut?”

The Steelers are going to the Super Bowl? That ticket package must’ve been expensive.

(Go Browns!)

Well, since the Steelers are in the AFC, I guess they can make it to the Super Bowl.

But they can not win it, because it will be won by the team that has won more NFL championships than any other, and is led by the player who has won more MVP awards than any other.

That team would be the Green Bay Packers, led by Iron Man Brett Favre!

Oh man I’d love to give you a hearty “A-men” there Jerrybear, but I’m worried about our defense. I’m especially worried about the run defense since I think we’ve improved the corner position in the pass defense by getting Harris.

I suspect we’ll be scoring a lot of points AND giving up a lot of points.

The Bears-Presented-By-Bank-One will still suck, though. So we have that.