The Sequential Thread After Tomorrow

Blowing up the sun
Schwarzenegger as president.

MPSIMS is a goldmine of amusing juxtapositions at the moment:

**My brother sells candy outside of Target
Man, This is embarrasing!

Semi-significant things to do before I die
Name my band, win$15!!! (Paypal)

The Celebrity Death Pool
Won’t Somebody Kill Me Please.

Whoa…cool word trick
Only a doctor could get away with this

Only a doctor could get away with this
Excuse me madam, but I do believe that you’ve misunderestimated the size of your ass.

Woogle Image game (warning: yes, another silly game thread from me)
Expressions that no one uses but you

Another Doper Marriage
Rags and Old Clothes Needed

Don’t Forget To Leave Food Out For Your Mail Carrier Today
Beer is good. **
Okay, I admit I reversed the order on that pairing for added comedic effect.

Attention K-MART Shoppers…
My brother sells candy outside of Target

I wanna t-shirt.
Another T-shirt thread (probably for Dex).

Found in MPSIMS:

**I had to pick my pictures up from the police station (kinda long) **

Ask the cop ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 … Last Page )


Man This Is Embarrasing!

I hate dieting
“Where’s my fucking dinner bitch?”


When Your Children Are Ashamed Of You
Bathroom Gas Alarm

Cafe Society:

Ultimate '80s New Wave song list
What’s that clown music?

Bizarre Signals You Didn’t Know You Were Giving
To allow Congress to reverse the judgments of the United States Supreme Court


What was the WORST job you’ve ever had
Cleaning a dartboard

New Here…How’s it Going?
This doesn’t inspire confidence.

Right now in IMHO, there’s this bit of hilarity:

Do racist attitudes keep Asian American men from being accepted as fully erotic men?

Got Sushi?


The Doper Frankenstein Thread
Is This Odd In A Scientific Article


Disturbing Church Marquee Message
Ever See Your Parents Naked?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Follow-up on fertility…
Ask the Arab Guy