The Shat Hits the Fan 8/20

I cannot wait for this TV event! 10 pm, the Comedy Central roast of William Shatner.

Preview of George Takei’s segment. Betty White, Greg Giraldo (how does that guy always show up?), Leonard Nimoy’s telephone call on why he can’t make it…Uhura up on the couch. Bea Arthur was hilarious at the Pam Anderson one so hopefully Betty White will be funny (I am avoiding the preview clips to be surprised later).

I can’t wait to see Andy Dick make a fool of himself! Apparently, he bit a reporter backstage and offered her cocaine.

Comedy Central is showing an ad that features Andy Dick licking lots and lots of people, but it looks as if Nichelle Nicholls fought him off.

The commercials show Andy Dick (why is that guy still famous?) running around licking everyone. If I was there they would have to change the title to “The Roast Of William Shatner and The Public Beating Of Andy Dick Within An Inch Of His Life.”

I wonder if 85-year-old Ricardo Montalban will be present. Imagine the fun that professional stand-ups could have with both Shatner and Montalban… :slight_smile:

Considering all the ill will Shatner’s Trek co-stars have for him, their segments will be really interesting to watch.

Bill Shatner was once described as the male Fay Wray. For his screaming. I wonder if John Lithgow will be there?

Just in case anyone wants to see the Shatner/Nimoy telephone exchange:

Is there any chance of getting a transcript of this? My computer won’t play it, either from here or the Comedy Central site.

Geez. I find Fred Willard funny even if he just stands there, but then they heavily edit his segment in favor of showing every excrutiating moment of Andy Dick’s lickfest. I liked “overacting as much as Betty White’s bladder”. And George Takei (rhymes with toupee) was a good sport at all the jokes at his expense. And that Patton guy with the paper bag: “Settle a bet between me and my friends…could you try and act your way out of this?”

What the hell happened to Farrah Fawcett? Only a few years ago she was a lovely older woman. Has she always been that out of it??