The She-Shed. A Man Wrote This, Right?

All I’m saying is that if for a woman who has created her own personal woman cave in her house or whatever, it sure seems lacking in what women would actually like.

I mean, really? Frilly material draped over everything including nude male statues? Oil paintings of her and her cat?

“High heels are forbidden by royal decree of the Queen.” Jesus Christ, who the fuck wears high heels while hanging around the house except for June Cleaver?

And the most scrumptious treat to snack on while in this mythical palace?

Chocolate Fiber One Bars.

NOT Godiva, NOT Ghirardelli, NOT Cadbury, or Vosges, or Ethel’s with the booze in it. NOT even goddamn Hershey Bars. But something with fiber in it for fuck’s sake.

Even the name She-Shed is stupid beyond belief. Shouldn’t a special hideaway nook have a name like the Loft Lair, or the High Life Zone, or something like that. Who hangs out in sheds? Men puttering around with their power tools and their old porno mags, that’s who!

I’d describe my own perfect spa spot, but I have to leave work now. Tune in tomorrow.

Definitely a man wrote that commercial. Dumbass, whoever he was.

…That’s what she-shed?

Now THAT’S clever!;);):wink:

I presume that the commercial was for Fiber One bars? That would explain that aspect of it, at least.

And I dunno, maybe they were going for over-the-top absurd? Maybe trying to make fun of the concept of the “man-shed”?

It’s a stupid commercial. But I wouldn’t blame it for creating the term “she shed”. Apparently that’s been floating around for months.

Man, I freaking hate stupid gender tropes like this. Maybe it’s a parody, but ugh.

I agree it’s a stupid commercial, but those chocolate Fiber One bars are actually pretty good.

Obviously this is a case of he said She-Shed.

Not laughing…

Not laughing…


If a woman has two She-Sheds, is her name Ruth “Two She-Sheds” Jackson?

(Sorry, there’s no good feminine form for Arthur.)