The Show Choir competition season has arrived.

Hey. We just hosted our annual show choir competition last weekend. It was great. I’m interested to know if any of the other dopers are/were involved in Show Choir. It’s mostly a midwest thing (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, a few others), but there are pockets all over the country. So, were you in it? Are your kids in it? Any questions about it?

Oh good heavens and here I was mentally completing the thread title with the words, “…and thank goodness none of my kids is involved.”

La Principessa still has three years to go (6th, 7th, 8th grades) before I’ll be totally off the hook. Keep fingers crossed, sacrifice many chickens, “how can you hope your daughter fails her audition and doesn’t get into Show Choir, what kind of mom are you anyway you sadist?”

I’m the kind of mom who really, really doesn’t wanna haveta drive and drive and drive the kid, back and forth, back and forth, over and over and over again, and have to explain umpty-million times to the other parents (1) why I’m not in the Music Boosters Club (2) why I don’t want to help with the fund raiser (“Luau Lunacy!”) (3) why I don’t want to be in the end-of-year parents’ musical.

But hey, Garfield, don’t wanna rain on your parade or nothing. My only question would be, “Why?”

P.S. Our school district is in deep money trouble. They were proposing closing four schools, and relocating 2 schools, one of which would have been the one my kids go to. We coulda been moved out of the falling-down 1920’s 3-story brick school with no air conditioning to a fairly new 1970s facility. But nooooo, our Show Choir Director and Music Teacher had to get on the horn and beat the drums, “Oh, no, you can’t move us!” because–the new school doesn’t have an auditorium. The old falling-down school does have a nice big 1920s style auditorium, with a stage and balcony and everything. The new school has a small “assembly room”. So, saith the Prophet, “our Show Choir program will vanish if we don’t have a real auditorium! And we won’t win any more prizes!” She evidently made her voice heard at the Highest Levels, because they’ve scrapped the plan to move us.

Hey, it’s actually kinda quaint, the way the plaster is falling off the walls…

Why? It’s (sorta) fun. I like to sing. It’s great.

Also, I don’t know which High School your kid(s) goes to, but the Eisenhower Elite Energy show choir is absolutely AMAZING. They’re great. They won grand champion at our competition and there were some big names there.

Anyone else involved?
P.S. - DDG, email me sometime, willya?!

I was in the show choir for one year at the jr high that I attended. I was in the 9th grade (we were 7th - 9th grade at this school). It was fun, but I realized that it really wasn’t for me. (I am not much of a dancer :)) To this day, though, I use the things I learned then when I am singing with my band or at the local karaoke bar.