The Siege Is Won

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

For “worst sequential thread”, when I saw this, right under it was “We Just Broke Up”

Congrats, Hon! HUGGLES!

Congratulations! I wish you both all the joy in the world!

Crosses Seige off his imaginary list of “Dopers I’d Date If I Ever Had the Chance”

Ah, wonderful news, Siege! Seeing this thread, and how cool your life is now, has made my night. Best wishes from NZ, love. :slight_smile:

bodypoet and I send our congratulations. You deserve it.

We of course expect to see photos of the two of ya…

Hey hey, congrats!

I wish you both well, sounds like a keeper. :slight_smile:

Seige has a boyfriend! Siege has a boyfriend! Nyaa, Nyaa, Nyaa, Nyaa!

How nice!

Now wait one cotton-pickin’ minute! Half of you folks don’t know what I look like, let alone him. For those of you who do, he’s the shorter of the two fellows I brought to Gettysdope with me. 'Punha and Polycarp, I distinctly remember you two playing Fluxx with him and me. (By the way, 'Punha, I tried to reply to your e-mail a couple of weeks ago, but it bounced.) His hobby’s photography, so he’s used to being on the other side of the camera, and he really is quite shy, so I’m afraid I’ve only got the photo Steelerphan shot at the Dopefest, myself, and he’s in the background of that one.

As for future Dopefests, if we have another one at Gullifty’s in Pittsburgh, you’re on. We tried the desserts there for the first time on Saturday, and I believe he may be a bit jealous of the effect their Chocolate Bombe had on me. We are not at the matching outfits stage and won’t be there, unless Hell’s Mensan t-shirts and jeans count (yes, I met him in Mensa – I told you I like that organization). Among other things, I tend to wear skirts around him. We also haven’t eaten off each others plates yet, although we did sample each others’ desserts at Gullifty’s using seperate plates. :Insert double- or triple-entendre of your choice here:

As I said, so help me, I appear to have found a good one. The funny thing is, and one reason I think that, is we’re both surprised at how lucky we were to find each other.


Siege and her boyfriend, sittin’ in a tree-ee…g

I too have a most excellent boyfriend. Isn’t life beautiful? sigh

We went easy on him. At least, I did. I didn’t hear anything deliciously evil from Poly (at that particular junction in time), so I’ll assume he was also going easy on him. I didn’t mention anything about a goat, capybara, special moderator hat or the compulsory nekkid pix of non-dopers attending dopefests. I didn’t offer to run nekkid through him or ask him if he’d brought pie or had a 1920s style death ray. I did not ask him who his all base were belong to, and I didn’t ask him about the third gry word was.

I look back on things, and … you owe me BIG, love!

Moved a week or 3 ago and was offline for a few miserable days. If the netscape one doesn’t work, try … it has pllllenty of free space (reminds me, I’ve been meaning to change the E in my profile but keep on forgetting to do so).

For probably the second time this year I’m going to leave such an obvious opening alone. You can send a signed but otherwise-blank check to me at your convenience:-D

Hmm… Gullifty’s DopeFest?

I may have found another excuse to make a trip to Pittsburgh… :wink:

Congratulations, Siege! There’s not a more deserving person in the world.

Isn’t is great to see the rainbow after the storms have passed?

May the joy you have found overbalance the pain you have experienced. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of a slightly different perspective- one that’s shared with one you love.

Now, if the Steelers can keep it up, all will be right with the universe in our corner of PA…


And the other half can’t spell your username! Heh.


Funny thing is, I had to look up my post to see if I was one of the ones who misspelled her name. :slight_smile:

Many congratulations! (Much?)

Same here, and I’d triple-checked when I first posted, because I always, always get it wrong the first time. :slight_smile:

Congratulations indeed. From what I’ve seen of you on the boards, it couldn’t happen to a better person.

Siege, Didn’t you once predict that this sort of thing would never ever happen, I mean, congratulations and all that are fine, but don’t you have some explaining to do? Hmm?

(seriously though, this is wonderful news, well done and my very warmest wishes)

Well, I should hope so!!

::runs fully clothed through thread::

What great news! Whatever happens in the future (and I’m hoping for the best), I’m glad to know you’re getting a great deal of enjoyment out of the now.

Be sure to give me enough notice to make the… you know… (not gonna jinx it!)
Now I’ve got to figure out how to transport the mountain goat I’ve been holding for you. Does UPS ship goats?

Hey, wait a minute! Does this mean that our wedding is off?

Coochie Coochie, mi hermana! (Which would’ve nixxed any wedding plans anyways.)