The Siege Is Won

Hello folks,

I haven’t been around here as much as usual recently, but I have an explanation. You see, around the beginning of the year, I started seeing someone and it’s gotten serious. We’ve spent most of the past few weekends together, and I’m afraid we’re now at the point where we’re acting cutE! Please keep in mind that, while I am indeed short and female, I am not cute! I’m the fierce and dreaded Siege, if you please.:wink: There’s not much else to say except that he’s brilliant, funny, kind, and strong. He’s seen me dressed to the nines and in jeans and a sweatshirt, covered in dog hair and dog drool. He’s seen me dancing, laughing, and flirting with every guy in sight, and held me while depression’s wracked my soul. He’d like to protect me, but he won’t stop me fencing or tilting at windmills; he seems to find those traits vaguely appealing. He’s a bit older than me, so neither of us are spring chickens, and we are set in our ways; still, we also have a lot of respect for who we are, rather than trying to change each other into something we’re not. Oh yes, he’s even come to a Dopefest with me.

I’ve got it bad, folks, and he appears to be just as severly affected. I’m not going to predict what the future holds; I am going to enjoy what we have for now, including a great deal of time spent hugging, kissing, and talking about everything under the sun. I could wax eloquent and romantic about love being the ultimate miracle, but I’ll spare you the glurge. Instead, I’ll just say that I finally found a man who appears to be a match for me in wit, strength, and so many other things. Oh, and for those of you who are used to me arguing religion, he’s even a Christian.

You folks have shared enough of my sorrow; please share this bit of joy. So help me, it looks like both of us consider ourselves lucky to have found each other. He is also a genuinely nice guy, if a bit shy and, like me, a bit geeky, so you nice guys out there complaining you can’t get girls, hang in there, or better yet, give it a shot and ask one out. You never know what she’ll say “Yes” to over time.

A rather blissed out
CJ :cool:

What are those distant bells I hear?
Many congrats! Much nicer than regular rats…

Tales of love are always good. Congratulations.

Siege, that’s wonderful! Thank you for sharing this news with us. I hope your future holds wonderful things, I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more than you!

Ohhhh. That’s a bad sign…acting cute. The next thing you know, it’s matching clothing and eating off of each others plates, and the only thing left for the peasants to do is rise up and storm your house with torches and pitchforks because they aren’t as cute as you two are! :smiley:

Until then…Congratulations! You deserve it!

That’s wonderful news, Seige! I hope things work out all so well for you!


Unless you’ve already gotten to the matching outfits stage, in which case:



Well, I knew this was coming, but it’s wonderful it’s now public!

Kind of nice to know there’s a brother-in-law in my future! :wink:

And Sis, I claim recognition as a prophet for this one! :slight_smile:


That won’t help him much; if you’re any more like me than I already know you to be, you can have an argument with yourself (bonus points if it becomes spoken at some point) about something 99% of humanity either don’t know about or don’t care about.

It’s that 1% that make life livable:D

Oh, and just for good measure…

::runs nekkid thru thread::


For Seige, not the nekkid running (seen it too many times) :wink:

I love you, Seige.
I have seen a photo of you and him(both cute).
Now please send me one!

Polycarp: brother-in-law?
This man is related to you how?

friend seige

great news. he is a lucky fellow

also, I hope he knows his place! :smiley:

Siege is my identical twin sister born to different parents in different countries 20 years apart! :smiley:

At our wedding, my uncle, the college professor and erstwhile college president, began his homily by noting that he usually had to deal with young kids rushing headlong into matrimony with no vague notion what to expect, but in this case, "what we have, here, is a confirmed bachelor and an old maid. . . "

(I recently learned that his sister was still mad at him for that comment (she’s my aunt, not my mom), but Deb and I thought it was hilarious.

Congratulations and good luck.

Right on Seige! You just connected with a memory I haven shortly after meeting my wife just over 25 years ago. God! Has it been that long?

Excellent news!


Congrats! Got any pics to send us?

We’re very happy for you!

Ric and Kathy

Congrats, Siege. So, will you be bringing Mister Wonderful to future Dopefests? (Better yet, are you going to get him hooked on the SD too?)


:: Flipping happy congratulatory type cartwheels::

Couldn’t happen to a nicer or more deserving person, Ms. C.J. God bless you both. :slight_smile: