the signal to noise thread

I have often said that the proof that computers that understand natural language are 100 years off is the fact that nearly every word in the english language can mean “breasts” if the context is right. for example.

“shes got some nice tea cups on her” (iffy grammer, but thats part of it)

recently some research has shown that internal word order is only mildly important. so the sentence

sehs got smoe ncie tea cpus on her.

is also readable to a human as “she has nice breasts”

leet speak is common online. and sometimes its difficult to follow, but rarely impossibly so. so

s3hs got smo3 nci3 t3a cpus on h3r.

could probobly be interperted as english… somehow. thats a scary feature of the human mind! that it can get a coherent thought out of THAT.

anyone else want to give examples of sentences that will probobly foil computer interpertation for the next hundred years that are still parseable by the average human?


I’d really like to test drive those Winnebagoes.

If the shifter gets stuck in the gate, wiggle it a little bit.

Momma mia, that’s a spicy meatball!

(@) (@)

She’s going to have back problems when she gets older.

Woo! Nice pockets.

Beholding her causes my fingers to curl involuntarily.

She had a quarter in her back pocket. Rhode Island.

I went out on the piss last night and got shit-faced.

Forget that! Where’d she get a hold of the t3a chip?

-How much chuck could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? (no classical responses please)

-So, are you going to do her?

Oh, and anything that’s said in a FPS clan page.

From here:

When a computer can easily and correctly interpret the above, human intellectual supremacy may well come into doubt for the first time. I’ve seen skilled engineers who were entirely unable to make the least sense out of this homophonic mish mash.