The Simpsons meet Grand Theft Auto. Kick ass.

Here you go

I usually try not to post articles from fark or cnn because I figure everybody goes there anyway but, well, I couldn’t help myself. How awesome does this look?

I picked this up the other day – definitely the funniest game I’ve ever played. The game itself is not perfect, and in places extremely hard, but exploring Springfield and catching all the gags makes this a pretty standout title. If you’re a real Simpsons fan, like I am, you should definitely rent it. There’s just something brilliant about sending Homer off a cliff and hearing him wail “Help me, Jeebus!”

Funny I thought the game was too easy. I finished it in a couple days though I didn’t do all the side missions (it was a rental). It was a total blast.

I agree that it’s a great game but it is pretty short. It doesn’t have the replay value of Grand Theft Auto because there’s not that much to do once you finish everything. I rented the game and beat it (along with collecting almost all the extras) in 5 days. This won’t be one of those “play it for 60 hours even after doing every possible thing” games like the GTA series (which I estimate I’ve logged over 400 hours on between 3 and VC). But it IS fun, and the references to the show are outstanding (like Chester Lampwick’s solid gold house and rocket car).

I thought the last level was pretty awful, though. I was hoping that Fat Tony or even Mr. Burns would be the bad guy, not Kodos and Kang.

You can hijack the rocket car, too. It’s very fast, but blows up easily.

Heh, if this has Chester Lampwick references I just may have to check this one out! :slight_smile:

Fun for a rental, but it’s very short. My favorite drivers: Homer, Frink, and Comic Book Guy.

And the plot had me muttering “South Park did it! South Park did it!” Was that supposed to be intentional?

I loved the Lisa Missions, the roads were great and the Malibu Stacy Car was a big boost at the time.

If you want a more comprehensive review from IGN, here you go.

I’ve played the game, it was fun(ny). As mentioned above, I wouldn’t buy it, but I would rent it (although everyone has different opinions on it). It reminded me of what I wanted crazy taxi to be like–the ability to hit people with your car and have damage on the vehicle. Plus, it had some of the neat features of GTA. It’s worth the rental.

What are these claims of it being too short? I’ve been playing it a long time & I think their are about 7 missions per each level & so far Im on lv4 =28 of them. I don’t know how many there are after that.

It doesn’t have a text option for the voices.