The Simpsons Movie review thread (Spoilers)

I thought the best joke was:

“Sir, you’re mad with power!”

“Of course I’m mad with power. Ever try being mad without power? No one listens to you.”

That and “I’ve made millions, and now I want to give something back. Not the millions, of course.”

I thought Cargill was a great villain.

I thought the movie was very well done. It has the style of humor we’ve come to expect from the Simpsons, but it also had action and touching bits as well. I only noticed one reference to a past episode (the ambulance at Springfield Gorge), so both casual fans and veterans can enjoy it. It uses Cinemascope to good effect- the screen is always filled (I liked Frink “expanding” the screen at the beginning. All in all, this was one of the best- if not the best- movies I’ve seen this year. If you see only one Simpsons movie this year, make it The Simpsons Movie. And stay for the credits. Why? As usual, Homer puts it best: “These people worked hard on this movie, and all they ask in return is that you memorize their names.”

Itchy/Hillary 08

I just got back from the theater. Frankly I loved it. From the opening bit (Why should I pay money to watch something I can see for free at home) to the ad crawl along the bottom of the screen, all the way to Maggie’s first word (sequel?) I was laughing out loud.

Did you catch the filmed on location bit in the credits?
Filmed on location at Springfield, .

Quite possibly the funniest line I’ve ever heard in a movie, IMHO. :smiley:

Incidentally, I’m positive the line was “Ever try being mad without power? It’s boring; no-one listens to you”, but I was laughing so hard I may have mis-heard it.

Seeing it this afternoon. I don’t find the newer episodes are as good as the older ones, however, I am still a Simpsons fan.

I know continuity and the Simpsons have roughly the same relationship as snow and hell, but has everyone just forgotten “Daddy”?

“The sooner kids talk, the sooner they talk back. I hope you never say a word.”

Remember, nobody heard Maggie say “daddy,” so as far as the rest of the Simpsons know, she’s never spoken…until now.

What was Homer’s first false epiphany? I remember it being as amusing as his other two- “America will never appreciate soccer” and “if you yank it more than two times, it’s playing with yourself.”

Wait, they show Bart’s dingus?


Very funny movie – I saw it with a loud, appreciative opening night crowd (including a dozen friends after dinner at Five Guys), and we laughed the entire time and clapped and cheered at several moments. I had extremely low expectations, as I haven’t enjoyed The Simpsons in many years, despite being a huge fanboy for the first decade or so. But I was pleasantly surprised, and I recommend it to casual and lapsed fans as well as the hardcore ones. Not quite as good as the South Park movie from 1999, but then again, nothing is that good.

Yep. It’s yellow.

Indeed, that was perfection. I was hoping the Simpsons would have at least one parody musical segment, but nope.

I was relieved, actually. I’ve always felt the Simpsons musical numbers are terribly weak, go on too long, and drag the shows down whenever they feature them. It’s hard to do funny musical numbers as well as South Park, though.

I think it was “bananas are an excellent source of potassium” or words to that effect.

“Stone Cutters” and “Kwik-E-Mart” were classics though. Exceptions rather than the rule though.


Can he swing from a web?
No, he can’t. He’s a pig.

That was exactly it. Thank you.

I was amused by the fact all eleven writers were credited with writing the lyrics to Spider-Pig. Must be some WGA thing or something.

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Woo hoo, Springfield!

I was grinning constantly, and occasionally laughing out loud, from the moment Ralph Wiggum appeared in the FOX logo.

Consider the enormous task of the filmmakers: to give us more of what’s great about the TV show at its best, while taking advantage of the big screen and the feature length, and not just doing what’s already been done. They didn’t succeed 100%, but they came close enough to make the movie well worth watching.

They did pretty well at making up their own songs, it’s the parodies - like the Evita or Sound of Music episodes - that have never measured up. Except for “Dr. Zaius,” which might be the funniest thing they ever did.

The Springfield Anthem had me in stitches. Not a full-fledged musical number, but very funny. “We paid some short guy to wri-ite it/But then we never saw/Him again…”

So it’s like a two-hour version of the TV show, without commercials (which I fast forward through, anyway). Okay fine.

But is there anything special about the plot, etc.? (Go ahead, spoil me.)