The Simpson's Predicts the future? Square watermelons!

Huh! Who woulda thunk it?

OK, so does anyone else remember the episode of the Simpsons where the family goes to Japan? It’s not just me, is it?

Homer, at one point, buys a SQUARE WATERMELON! And pays a bunch o’ cash for it, too!

What’s the dealy with that, eh? Matt Groening in on some inside info.? A television cartoon exerts mysterious influence over the real world?

In short, WTF??


Nah. These have been around for a while. You can buy a frame to put around the watermelon as it’s growing and it will fill in the shape. Perfect spheres are also available.

What blew me away from the article is that the square ones cost $83- “double or even tripple” what normal ones cost. WTF??? $41.50 or even $27.66 for a WATERMELLON???I like them and all,but still…
And, likely the Simpsons writers just saw them before you. IIRC, the Japan episode was in the last 2-3 years.

How about the early episode where Bart loses to Martin for class president, 2-0, and they demand a recount?

Yeah, the Japan episode was last year (at least her in Korea… I have no idea how that relates to how they are actually presented in the states); but the article implies that the square watermelons are new (or am I reading too much into it?)… as for the price, in the Simpsons episode, Homer paid a ridiculously high price for one… I don’t recall exactly how much, but something on the order of $80 or so, IIRC…

I missed that one…

How come they cost so much anyway? Is it the weirdness factor that makes people think its worth that much? I doubt growing a watermelon in a box is that much more different than growing one on the ground. Like what about that dude that grows squashes or something into molds so they look like famous people.

As kids we would grow peaches in the bottle for Grampa to add his peach schnapps to. Sometimes we’d get two in a bottle by mistake, and they would grow into a wierd cylinder shape.

If that Simpson’s episode took place in Japan, then that price isn’t real high or anything. It’s hard to explain to someone who’s never been to Tokyo, just how expensive the place is. And prices have come down a lot from the late 80 bubble days.

“Perfect” fruit in shape color and the correct leaf and everything can cost almost more than it’s weight in gold, and I’m only exagerrating slightly.

Yeah, but Homer’s square watermelon reinflated itself as soon as he’d bought it.