Simpsons predict the future?

I was watching the Daily Show this evening (it’s where I get all my news), and John Stewart told me that Japan has produced square watermelons! They sell for $80.

Now, I distinctly recall the exact same scenario on the Simpsons a while back, except they sold for $100. What’s going on? Should I invest in baby translators?

Here’s a freaky thought. Maybe the Japanese invented the square watermelon after getting the idea from that episode of the Simpsons. Hmmmmmm. The Simpsons as an agent of cultural evolution, Japan’s economy in a slump. I don’t think this could possibly be a coincidence.

Hey, good call. Perhaps the Japanese took it as a challange–“Not only can we do it, we’ll do it for $20 cheeper!”

Bird That’s what you call sarcasm.

The watermelons have been produced fro over 20 years now.

Also, there’s an IDENTTICAL thread about this, with a title So very close to this one. It’s also dead.
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I’m Merc.

Been there, done that.

I heard that they did it because they wanted to be able to stack and package and transport them easily.


My thread is dead… :frowning:

Astroyboy I quote the news article you quoted

Bolding mine.

How IN THE HELL did you miss that? Had you seen that your thread would have never been.