the sims - complete collection: killing your sims

so i’m sure we’ve all done it, after a while sims gets kind of boring and you go a little sadistic and try to kill the little buggers… so far me and the missus have used the move objects code to lock them in the house till they cook and catch fire, and put them in the pool and removed the ladder. what else can we do to kill them?

Also i already know in sims2 they can die by excessive whoo-hoo!

There are many ways to kill them in the Sims 2. You can:

  • Electrocute them
  • Scare them to death (well, ghosts can)
  • Starve them
  • Drown them
  • Have a satellite fall on them
  • Burn them
    What else am I missing? I must say that in Sims 2 I am less tempted to kill them off, because eventually they die on their own. Once I did get sick of a sim trying to do what I kept telling her not to, so I sent her outside to stargaze and lo and behold, death by satellite!
    I’ve never heard of excessive woo hoo. I do know that woo hoo significantly decreases some of your needs.

The most sadistic way to kill a Sim is to just build a box around them small enough that they can’t lie down and speed up time to see them piss themselves, scream, and slowly die. The pool method is good too - I find it kind of ironic that they keep amassing body skills.

I killed a bunch via fireplace once. They were standing around it and the thing just went up and the fluckers stood around watching each other burn. I could not get either of the two that were not on fire to call the fire department. The fire alarm went off, but by the time the fireman got there it was too late.
I stay with the tried and true methods when I’m commiting simicide. My favorite will always be the pool (walling them up just takes too long and they just bitch and moan the whole time).

I’m just going to assume that your sim is male, because I have a lot of Mafia widows in my game. The Goths: crime family. Bella disappeared so she would keep quiet. She sleeps with the fishes!

For the Sims 2, you can download a “scissors playset” from the Maxis site. If your sim runs with scissors, then he stands of chance of dying from it. It may take a while, though. Might happen on the first try, too, but be prepared to have them do it many, many times. There’s also a downloadable gun on Mod the Sims 2, so your sims can shoot other sims. The sim who is shot doesn’t actually die, but it looks like it when you shoot him. You can later drown him or set him on fire or whatever.

You can also put them in a little doorless room with a stove, a fridge, and no trashcan and have them cook and not clean up, attracting massive quantities of flies. If you get enough flies in the room, they’ll attack your sim and kill him.

Your sims can also catch an illness and die from that, though it’s usually because they starve to death or something along those lines.

There are tales of spontaneous choking deaths, but those might be a bug. I’ve seen screenshots of this. There are also tales of spontaneous combustion, but I’ve never seen a screenshot of that.

Of course, you could always go the classic route and let them live a long and happy life, dying of old age. Death comes with hula girls and tropical drinks. He wears a lei.

I haven’t played the game, but I thorougly enjoyed Something Awful’s Week in the Life of Sims 2

The evil Marduk the Flayer lures teens to his house, and kills them.

I can’t seem to achieve any of the more creative deaths. I tried to get death by flies - no luck. Sent a Sim out every day to watch the clouds or stargaze, but no satellite came. And while there have been plenty with wet sneakers after witnessing a ghost, none has ever dropped dead from it.

I am probably one of the more “boring” players though and usually try to get my Sims to live long and happy lives - my main focus in the game is building interesting and diverse family trees, incorporating a Townie now and then (if he’s rich and well-employed, like the oh-so-vain… hell, I’ve forgotten his name, but he primps any time I haven’t told him to do something.)

Oh and with the Nightlife expansion pack, Vampire sims turn into a nice little pile of ashes if they stay out of their coffins very long after sunup… Marylena Hamilton got a little buggy and just stood in my front yard until she disintegrated (I’ve got a slight vampire problem going on at the moment).

If you really want to try out more deaths, you might try PeeWee’s Death Tutorial on the Sims 2 site (registration required). It’s a pretty funny read, either way. I’m like you, though. Most of the time my sims live long lives and die of natural causes. Got to have those platinum graves, you know!

When I’m bored with my Sims I like to wall them in a tiny windowless room with only a few stoves, a fridge and a fireplace. I can’t help but chuckle evilly as they uncontrollably piss their pants, and then flail their arms at me while pleading, “Agg agg bitho pfluff! Ooo boo bid dee!”

If they don’t meet their demise by starvation, it’s usually by eventually setting themselves on fire.

It’s been a while since I’ve entered the world of the Sims, but according to the official Sims 2 strategy guide*, there are nine ways for a Sim to die (and their ghost color represents how they died):

  1. Old age, naturally. Once the Sim’s lifeline is up, off he goes. Of course, if you have enough aspiration points, you can use the Elixer of Life to add to your days on earth. Ghost is white.
  2. Death by drowning. Simple. Ghost is blue and leaves puddles on the floor.
  3. Death by electrocution. There’s always a risk of electrocuting yourself when you repair an electrical item. Ghost is yellow and sometimes sparks.
  4. Fire. Simple one. Ghost is red and smokes (that is, smoke comes out of him).
  5. Starvation. Well, you gotta eat. Ghost is regularly colored but see-through, and will steal food from the refridgerator at night.
  6. Satellite. When stargazing or watching the clouds, there’s a slight chance your Sim will be crushed by a falling satellite. Ghost is orange.
  7. Death by flies. If a sim is so messy that his house is covered in fly-infested items, and he is so unconcerned about the mess that he steps over these items, there’s a slight possibility that a swarm of flies will gang up on him and kill him. Ghost is purple.
  8. Disease. There’s a chance of getting sick by going to work and catching a cold there, eating spoiled food, or walking near roaches. A Sim must relax or sleep for 12 consecutive hours to get over it. If the disease persists for 10 days, the Sim will die. Ghost is green.
  9. Scared to death. A Sim ghost can scare a Sim, causing all the Sim’s needs to drop. If three or more drop below -90, the Sim will die. Ghost is pink.

[sub]*PRIMA® Official Game Guide: The Sims 2: University. Written by Greg Kramer. ©2005 Electronic Arts.[/sub]