Like Sims to Wanton Girls are We to the Gods...

…They Kill Us For Their Sport*

I came in to the Computer Room yesterday and found MilliCal playing The Sims 2 with the new addition she got for Christmas. She had placed one character in the pool and removed the ladder. Apparently, these characters are so stupid they can’t get out of the pool if the ladder is missing. Right now, he was experiencing extreme bladder distress and was calling out is Simglish for help, to no avail.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to make him die. If you leave him in the pool long enough without a ladder, he can’t get out, and eventually he dies.”
“Why are you doing this?” I asked my sweet ten tear old, who dotes on her kitten, and releases insects outside the house.

“I want to see the Grim Reaper come.”
“That’s gross!”

“No, it isn’t. All my friends did it.” And she reeled off a list of her friends, also sweet ten year olds, who sentenced poor cybercreatures to death.
Eventually he peed in the pool. Later, he ran out of energy and died. The Grim Reaper came and made a call on his Cell Phone of Death, heavenly beams came down, and a tombstone appeared beside the pool.

*(That’s from King Lear, Act IV, Scene i, lines 36-7 for you yahoos)

John Milton was into Sims?

I did it too when I was into the Sims. I did death by pool at one point, but nothing else. I’m not sure if it was as cool as it was when your daughter did it just now…I had one of the older versions back then. I can’t even remember the Grim Reaper–this is around 2000/2001, back in high school for me. Ah, those Sims.

Not only does that make the Grim Reaper come, if you leave the tombstone on the lot long enough, you get a ghost. And depending on how the Sim dies, you get a different type of ghost (starved ghosts raid the fridge, drowned ghosts drip water everywhere, they all make furniture float and the TV turn on).

I am a perfectly normal person, I swear …

I used to build rollercoasters to crash in Rollercoaster Tycoon.

I also would trap hundreds of park visitors on a single square of the footpath and then pick one whose name I liked to repeatedly near-drown. :eek:

It’s probably a good thing I’ve never played the Sims.

Shakespeare. Read my footnote.

Interesting fact:

If your Sim is an enemy with another Sim, they will quite genuinely take great happiness in the death of Enemy. For example, you can invite the enemy over to your house, then make them go into a little room you built. After you’re out of the room, but they are still in, you remove the door. Either now or before, you install a giant, plate glass window and put a chair in front of it, on the outside.

As enemy writhes and dies a horrible death, your Sim will quite literally sit there, point, and laugh- doubled over in hysterics, as it were.

I would say your daughter is abnormal only if she hadn’t killed off a Sim or two in some spectacular fashion or another… :smiley:

So do they kill the Sim to get their money? The way I always did it was make sure the Sim moved in with me first (you have to make friends), and THEN kill him or her off. That way you get whatever money they brought in and you don’t have to support him. You can even get more money if you convince the Sim to marry you first. This was in an older version – I don’t know if it works the same way now.

I also enjoyed (once in a while) letting the animals run free and kill people in Zoo Tycoon.

That’s good & evil- I just built the little 'Silence of the Lambs" outhouse in the yard and de-toileted and de-doored it while the victim peed in the corner and died. I never thought to make it an execution by neglect chamber complete with viewing room.

~~Blackadder II

MilliCal has been doing THAT for months.

When she turns thirteen, you’ve got to pony up and let her get an account here! (or is she thirteen? I’m not sure of her age.)

Oh yeah, torturing and killing sims in perfectly normal.

Especially if they’re nannies, god they are annoying! I killed one with flies once by locking her in a small room with a lot of dirty dishes. She deserved it, she could have washed those dishes and stopped leaving the baby on the floor. Then there was the fire (that one did it to herself with the cherries jubillee), the satellite (okay, so I did tell her to look at the clouds), drowning in the pool (oops, shouldn’t have been swimming when you were supposed to be working and on the day I sent the ladder out for repair!), starvation (well, if she didn’t make dessert every 10 minutes I wouldn’t have blocked her access to the fridge!), electricity (okay, so I guess I shouldn’t have told her to repair the TV when she had no mechanical skills and the TV was in a puddle), the cow-plant (those two brought it on themselves, after the first one I built a fence around it and Stupid Nanny Number Two managed to get through the locked gate). And none of the families ever even cried about the nannies.

Yep, perfectly normal.

Killing’em is only half the fun. The other half is zombifying’em. If you use the Resurrect-o-Nomitron to call Hades and have the Sim brought back, but then cheap out and don’t pay the Reaper enough for the trouble, you’ll get a zombie! I got one (that I had first killed off by a fly attack) lugging around the house for a few days, drooling and looking for bra-a-ains*. Then I got bored with her and killed her off for good by electrocuting her.

So, yeah, perfectly normal.

*Well, they don’t actually go roaming for brains. They do get quite unpleasant, though.

Leaving babies on the floor looks bad, but doesn’t actually harm them. Sims won’t step on them.

I’ve never killed any Sims, but in Rollercoaster Tycoon I did make a Whoa Belly ride that was guaranteed to wreck every time and kill all the passengers. I painted it black and called it the “Suicide Machine” and people still rode it. Morons. :smiley:

Sure it doesn’t hurt the babies but they are uncomfortable and would you want a nanny that leaves your infant on the cold kitchen floor while she wanders off to play pinball or would you prefer to lock her in a door-less room and let her get eaten by flies?

I thought everyone did that! Killing Sims is pretty natural. :wink:

Of course, that made me want to read this again: So funny!

Sims can get taken out by flies? They really are pussies.