The Sims-Registration

Okay, a long time ago I bought my Fiance “the sims”, everything was dandy. Fast forward to today, we have a new computer and thanks to me, no cd cases (for any of our games). Since we have a new computer, we have to reload our games.
Everything is going fine, until today. She is trying to load “the sims” on the computer, but she needs the registration key, which is in the jewelled case :eek: .

So, I go searching and I find this site:

Which tells me it’s possible to get the key via the online registration-which I believe she did. However the link is bad and surfing the sims online site is like molasus. I can’t find what the author of the website is talking about.

Anyone know of what I could do? Is there a number I could call?

if you have a new computer, the sims won’t be in the registry.

you most likely will have to contact maxis or EA.

Rookie the “registry” in question isn’t on the computer, it’s on the sims site for registering the game to download extras and using chat/message boards.

I believe instuctions for retrieving your # via your sims registration are on the “Help” page at . If you can’t find the instuctions have her post on the help forum there and someone should get you the answer quickly.

I can’t get through to the Sims site (slow connection), but I know you can get your registration numbers there if you registered electronically – I had to do it once myself. I don’t remember it being a difficult option to find once I logged in. Good luck!

Thanks. As an update: I tried calling the warranty place, which gave me an email address in which to get the registration code. I still haven’t gotten it, but I am doing something about it.

Lamia, do you know where I’d have to go, or what I’d have to do if I got it electronically? I think I did this, as a matter of fact.

the link that meatros had there talks about the regristry on the computer, no?

i know the online site for the sims updates and downloadables.
i was registered. but i’m not sure if they give out reg codes like that.

i find that the ea team is really slow in replying. it took them 1 full week to followup with the email. then another week to actually do something about it.

oops i mean registry

Once you log in at the site, there should be some kind of option to look at your registration numbers. I’d look for anything resembling a “My Account” section, or an “Edit Information” or even “Register Games”.

I tried again to find the exact info on this, but the Sims page keeps locking up on me.

If you don’t feel guilty, you can download it from a P2P like Kazaa. Since you already own it, I don’t think it’s illegal.

Splanky, they have the game. They need a code before they can install it. The code is printed on the CD case, which they’ve lost.

Downloading a hacked copy isn’t a good solution, as it most likely won’t run as well as the genuine thing.

Not only is your answer not a good one, it’s also likely to attract negative attention from the mods, as discussions of P2P software, file sharing and piracy are all discouraged on these boards.

Meatros, if you’ve registered on the Sims site, you can log in and get your serial numbers using the following steps:

Go to
Click on “Register” at the top of the screen
You may need to log in - I hope you know your username/password!
Where it says “Got Serial Numbers?”, click on “add your product serial numbers here”, and a list of all the numbers you’ve entered will come up.

Download a cd code from Kazaa you don’t need to download the whole program just the cd code or serial numbers.

No, because not only is that suggestion against the SDMB rules (regardless of whether they actually own the game or not), but I would not be surprised to learn that any keys or serial numbers available on the web are already flagged by EA, and people calling in with those keys don’t get any support.

The OP has a legitimate copy, and wants it to remain a legitimate copy so he can get support/legitimate patches/upgrades/etc without having to continue to resort to extralegal means to keep his copy current. It’s MUCH easier (not to mention safer) IMHO to get support from the manufacturer than having to rely on the “warez scene”.

As to the OP’s question, I ran into a similar situation (I had to reinstall XP to a new partition after I upgraded the motherboard/processor/video card/sound card :slight_smile: ). I contacted EA, and at that time, they asked me to send them proof of purchase! I didn’t have that, and let them know that I don’t regularly keep receipts for $30 games purchased 2+ years ago. After some wrangling they gave me the same address. It took several days, but I eventually got my key and all was well.

Hope that helps. Basically, use the address they gave you and be patient :).


We only permit discussion of how to do things legitimately. We take intellectual property rights seriously around here and are not favorably inclined toward file-sharing services. Do not recommend such solutions on the SDMB again.

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I’m pretty sure I registered, but I don’t know if I have a password or not. I don’t think I do because I don’t remember getting one. I remember registering online, via the prompt menu that comes up when installing the game.

Grumble…I’m still waiting on a reply email from the EA people. You know, you would think they would have a telephone number where you could talk to actual people , but I guess in this great society that’s too much to ask…

Thanks, I suppose, but I already knew I could do that. I won’t repeat what Biblio said, but really there aught to be a better way to run the game than to get it illegally.

I’m actually frusterated with the whole thing because I know I kept the cd case. I put it in a box (to keep) as I was throwing away a ton of other jewel cases.
Seeing as I can’t find the cd case, I’m assuming it got thrown away.

Why not try logging in using a likely password - perhaps you’ll be given the option to have your password emailed to you?

Er, that would be “illegal or non-permitted sharing of files”, right? There’s nothing wrong with sharing a file whose copyright-holder has granted that permission.

I had this problem with a Corel product. I phoned them, explained the situation, and they had me read some numbers right off of the CD to prove that I had an original copy. Then they gave me a generic key that I could use to install the product.

Is there a support phone number for EA?

Tried with no luck. It’s been so very long since we had it on our system. Grumble, Grumble…