The Singing Bee - 7/10

Did anybody catch this? I was totally psyched up for this show, and it did not fail to entertain! I was afraid there would be too many “new” songs I wouldn’t know the lyrics to. I was a teenager in the 70’s, and that’s my best era for lyrics, but I handled the 80’s fairly well.

I’m glad that additional words like “well” and “and” were counted against the contestant. The premise of the final segment is pretty good, $50, 000 for 5 out of 7 lyrics right.

It was fun!

Crap. I missed it. And I really wanted to see this too. Why didn’t anyone tell me yesterday? Well, I’m done whining. I’ll try to catch it next week.

Not trying to threadshit here, but I turned it off after 10 minutes. It was complete bullshit. Everyone they pulled up on stage- more likely everyone in the audience- was a plant, probably wannabee actors/singers looking for some exposure. They were all too animated and exuberant to be regular audience members. I guess it’s possible that’s the whole point- that the people were entertainers to begin with and I’m being wooshed, but I don’t think so.

A theater full of regular people just don’t all act so uniformly… enthusiastic. I was offended by the travesty of it all that I just couldn’t watch another minute of it.

Isn’t it possible that, instead of them being plants, that show reps go through the audience beforehand and pick out candidates who are likely to be good show participants, ala The Price is Right?

Well, you can try the Fox version on tonight called “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” hosted by Wayne Brady.

I’m sure this is what they do. It worked great for TPiR, and they really want to get the most entertaining people up there.

I missed it, but I’m going to have to try to catch it sometime, because the premise sounds like it’s attuned perfectly to one of my great and few talents. :slight_smile: My memory still won’t accept new entries from things like, say, my anatomy class, because it’s already chock-full of stupid stuff like…song lyrics. I’ve got to figure out how to get on this show!

That’s on during another show I watch but I will definitely record it. Thanks for the heads-up! I love Wayne Brady.

I find it very strange that two networks are trying basically the same show at the same time. How does that happen? It seems likely that at least one of the shows is going to fail. Doesn’t that mean that the pilot is even more risky to each network than usual?

I’m going to tune in to this one tomorrow (after the Boston Dopefest). Wayne’s a better host, and something about the NBC show just dragged. I also feel the contestants didn’t seem “real” for some reason…

NBC was originally supposed to premiere The Singing Bee in the fall. When they heard Fox had a similar show in development, they decided to start production on Bee earlier in order to compete.

Sure it’s possible, but TPiR never had such a fakey feel to it. Even the pans of the audience showed many if not all of the people being overly showy and theatrical, even when they were just singing along with the band and everyone else. I just couldn’t get over the feeling that the whole thing was a sham.

Seriously, this just floored and astounded me.

When I first saw commercials for this, I had one of those, “they’ve reached the bottom of the barrel” moments. Like, how stupid a premise could you come up with and still get a network exec to bite? And, beyond stupid, how dull is watching someone try to get lyrics right? That’ll be on for ONE single week. . .everyone will look at each other and go, ‘what were we thinking?’ and it will all be laughed into the annals like the “Real Beverly Hillbillies” that never made it to air.

And then, I saw that TWO networks were doing the same thing.

And now. . .people are watching this?

At least with IDOL, Inventor, or a dancing show, you’re legitimately viewing marketable, appreciable talents that take time and patience to perfect.

Where do you go from lyric bee? Does a person get an album of them singing along to pop songs?

What’s the next show, “Clap on the Correct Beat Bee”?

“Nod Your Head in Rythym Bee”?

And, a follow up. . .would people who watched Lyric Bee watch those programs?

I’m floored.

Dude. It’s a game show, not a talent contest. You might as well ask, what can you do with a Jeopardy championship.

That said, I watched, but I wasn’t compelled. As soon as I find something better, I’m off.

This guy seems to have made a living off of it.

I agree. I was wondering if they filled the studio with some happy gas right before the cameras started rolling.

People who can’t sing, singing songs they may not know the words to. What’s not to like?

Hubby & I are positive that one of the female “lead” singers (the blonde bursting out of the black leather vest) was a contestant from Rock Star, but I can’t remember if it was Season 1 or Season 2.

Interesting career move …

I enjoyed the mindless entertainment, but I agree that the picking of the contestants hardly seemed random, plus they were WAY too comfortable on stage & with the microphones, etc. “Regular” people would be a little more shy & awkward I would think.

It was Deanna Johnston from RockStar INXS.

I thought it was her and rewound it a couple of times and scrolled through the credits.

Wow, even phonier than I gave it credit for.

I watched some of the FOX one last night.

Unbelievably fucking stupid, boring, and so so CONTRIVED. The contestant was clearly an actress/plant/producer’s selection. She’s been on stage before. Zero nervousness. . .entered right into Brady’s banter. Gave Brady straight lines.

She had nothing to do with being a real contestant or this being a real game show. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was just another employee of the show who was going to get her paycheck no matter what she “won”.

I’m picturing two executivess on a golf course . . .

What do you think is the stupidest thing we could put on TV and still get people to watch?

-Well, maybe we could just have a camera on a guy who was watching TV?

Ha ha, good one, but I’m not quite that contempuous of our audience yet.

-What if we had a “game show” where people just tried to sing correct lyrics.

Wow, no WAY people will watch that, but just in case, let’s see if we can run it on both our networks at the same time and see if people will still watch.

-Yeah, that sounds fun.

She wasn’t a contestant, she was part of the professional band that starts the song. They then stop and the contestant has to finish the line.

Not trying to threadshit here, but I turned it off after 10 minutes. QUOTE]

Ha. I did the same thing.
It came on and my wife wanted to change the channel right away. I told her “wait, I wanted to see this.”
10 minutes later I told her “okay, this sucks, change the channel.”