the situation is grave and deeply entangled (GUToE)

I just watched a video on a Sci-Am page that was touting the live-streaming content as Ground-Breaking. I do not recommend the video to anyone who has a grasp of these concepts, because most of it is a tedious rehash of black holes and information theory.

Erik Verlinde of U Amsterdam argues that dark matter is superfluous and unnecessary. He puts forth that gravity is not a thing unto itself – rather, it is an emergent property that arises out of quantum entanglement. This sounds like an interesting and elegant way to unify the physical model of the universe.

The math is well beyond me. Is there anyone here that has heard of and looked into this avenue of research? What do you make of it?

The best illustration of gravity I ever read came from a Calvin and Hobbes comic. Calvin explained that space was like a foam mattress and planets like balls sitting on it, bowling ball for Jupiter, golf ball for Earth, and so on. Sitting on the foam made little wells in space that passing objects could be caught up in, falling into the well that the ball had made. It was a very enlightening comic, and all to explain how Calvin had broken his mom’s lamp.

I’d link to it, but the bus I’m on is too crowded.