The sollution to pollution is-

Population control. We, people of the planet, have within our power, the ability to slow our growth rate. This must be done. The over population of humans will be the end of
the Earth.
This is just My humble opinion. Rebutals are welcome.

I agree - and I’ll do my part to contribute.

I agree fully, however I would take it a step further and say that the majority of the planets problems could be lessened significantly, if not solved totally, with some serious population control.

The problem is, who gets to choose who goes and who stays?

At the present time our favourite horseman: War, Famine, and Plague seem to be the preferred arbiters, although they are getting a little snowed under what with that expediential growth and having been at the job a few million years.
Still if we leave it long enough I am sure famine or war will eventually get things under control again. I just hope that whatever species are left give them an easier go of it the next time around.

The solution to pollution is the vessel with the pestle. The flagon with the dragon holds the brew that is true.

But seriously folks, I think it’s about time the Human Race died out. We’re a plague unto ourselves, and it’s time it ended.

we just have to control the birth rates… 1 or 2 children per family (couple)and let those that serve no purpose die off. I saw a news report on this woman who had a child with no brain, just the top of the spinal cord nothing else, sue her insurance company for the funds to keep this kid on life support. that seems to be a waste of money. and limit fertility tratments. so you and your significant other can’t have children of your own, well to bad, adopt, lots of kids out there who would like to be adopted.

rant rant rant…

any others out there who share this same view?

Everyone needs to Give a Hoot and Don’t Pollute.

I don’t think the OP meant to kill off anyone, merely to stop people from reproducing so much. It’s a grand idea, but there’s a lot of people that aren’t going to like it, and I don’t think they’ll be convincable until overpopulation is at a crisis level.

I though the answer was usually “dilution” (or “dillution” in keeping with the thread title :)).

Population control is not the solution since the vast majority of the world’s population produces very, very little pollution. IIRC, 5% of the world’s population produces about 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Seeing as we’re in IMHO I’ll say: Nah, population’s got nothing to do with it. The solution to pollution problems lies in prices, growth and security. I’m all for choice in fertility, but there’s no need for population control.

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Like TomH, I’ve usually heard this phrase end with “dilution.”

However, I completely disagree with that: dilution just delays the problem. The real solution is in prevention and efficiency.

Population is part of the problem, but not a very big part, for the reasons that TomH brought up. I’ve got no beef with reasonable population control, but I think GuanoLad and alibey are taking this to unnecessary extremes. The problems with population growth I associate more with resource use and habitat destruction, not pollution.

Well, this really seems like a GD topic anyway…

Ditto on the increased prosperity, efficiency, peace, and freedom. Pollution drops as it becomes cheap enough to do so and societies choose to use some wealth to purchase it, as does population control–birth rates are lowest in the wealthiest countries.

People who trumpet that the human race needs to die out, well. My general response is, okay, that’s fine. Start with yourself. Lead by example! Go, go, go! The rest of us are right behind you! Don’t look back! Go into the light!

Promote condoms, the pill, sterilization and it’s against rights and/or religion. Suggest abortion and you piss off half the world, mainly cuz of religion. Say that abstinence is not a viable option and you are looked at like lobsters are crawling out of your ears, because it’s not hard if you are religious. Anyone seeing a trend here?

Promote cleaner products… electric/hydrogen cars, cleaner power, cleaner factories…

Eventually that will do it, but for how long? And the problem with pollution is that just as one area starts cleaning up their act, another developing area starts up…

Population problems are self correcting. Infrastructure to support a larger scale “global” clean-up of polluting industries and transportation would be a good start.