The solution to Faster than light speed.

The key to faster than light harmonics is the number 1.618… as a golden ratio which allows for ‘faster than light speed’.

This link shows the mathematical proof:

Ooooooh-kay. It looks like the rambling of a guy that talks to buildings transcribed and put into HTML. There is no “proof” on that page in any traditional sense of the word.

The numbers work out.

Ha ha!

Did you actually read that page?

Codswollop! He’s even got Mozart and the Giza Pyramids involved.

Personally, I think it’s a joke. I know I laughed.

Saaaaay … isn’t that 1:1.618 ratio the same ratio mentioned in that Discovery Channel special about the human face?

Someone had a thread about it, let me go look for it…

Aha!!, maybe Nutsy Fagan is on to something here.

Point being?

Hiyruu, I don’t think anyone follows quite how the numbers work out as you say. It’s entertaining but just throws around a bunch of numbers that have no meaning or context to each other.

The “golden section” 1.618:1 is a pleasing proportion and pleasing to the eye but don’t attach metaphysical meaning to it.

Hiyruu I see you’re still around. Word of advice this is the mundane and pointless forum, this thread and all those of the type and spin that you seem to enjoy belong in the Great Debates forum as did you evolution thread.

And I believe this was said in your evolution thread but simply quoting a link when you trying to convince people is a completely hopeless way of doing it. Think of what that site is saying rehash it in your own mind and then post with your arguement. That would be worthy post.

As for that site, just taking numbers and throwing them against each other and then trying to write as confusing a site is possible, as that aurthor has done, is also not a way to convince people of something as ground breaking as he is trying to say.

I think if you’re looking for answers then go and read the respectable journals and then the comments on these experiments by other respectable scientists. In general the internet is NOT the place to find truth. I myself could link to dozens if not hundreds if not even thousands of sites all claiming wild things with proof.

And this guy you’ve found seems to have a large array of opinions on the Anti-Christ, Armaggedon (the Mayan one) and arguements about how the universe is as old as the number of particles in it.

Which by the way, if the end of the world is as near as he thinks it is I think you’re time is better spent elsewhere, say enjoying the Grand Canyon, actually visiting the Pyramids at Giza and the Mayan ruins. Ooh ooh, you can go to college and study some physics. Let me tell you Phys 472 is a real hoot.

Or this guy also says “Thus within the next few years, evolution is destined to go through the most fundamental change in its twelve to fifteen billion years history.” That might also be something to prepare for.

Either way good luck, you’ll need it.

Wrong. It’s impossible to travel faster than light.

Tell me how your magic number allows the violation of the laws of physics, and then maybe - maybe - I’ll consider taking you seriously.

Get this, The Moon IS made out of cheese, as proof check out these websites.

I think I may be approaching the line of jerk. But I think I’m still safe enough to make this MPSIMS appropriate comment.

Nah, Jinxie, it’s not jerk-like to not take someone seriously… I mean, it’s not like this guy is exactly making much sense, or explaining himself in a coherent fashion.

Yeah. Like a valid solution to the light-speed barrier would be posted on an AOL page. Right. In fact, you only need to read to the second sentence to determine this is bullshit. Gematria, indeed.

And what about the gizmos and the physignominy and the FLAAAAAAVVIIIN.

<snicker> :stuck_out_tongue:

You slay me, kid!

You know, it does my heart good to know that the pharmaceutical industries haven’t managed to wipe out all of the true loonies yet. This person’s site is amazing if only for the shear volume of text. Somebody introduce this person to the TimeCube.

What’s wrong with you people? As the gentleman explained quite clearly, photons can only travel faster than the speed of light if they are Phi coherent on the other side of the mediator.

Hiyruu, for what it’s worth, I love your posts.

I don’t buy in to them, but I think they’re usually cool, or at least entertaining. I’m a big fan of Art Bell, but I’ve yet to actually believe pretty much any theory I’ve heard on that show.

Keep it up, man. Don’t let these folks rumple your tinfoil hat, wear it shiny and proud.