The Song "Go Cubs Go" by Steve Goodman

At 2:19 in this clip, listen to the man’s voice shouting. WTF is he saying? It sounds like “Digiman!”

Then, at 2:38, it sounds like he’s saying “Do it Jerry Lewis!”

Anyone know what this guy is saying?

I always thought the second one was “Do It Huey Lewis,” not that it makes any more sense in that context.

Hmmm, a song about baseball. Cafe Society or The Game Room?

Let’s go for The Game Room, since baseball fans may be more likely to be familiar with the song.

General Questions Moderator

Sounded to me like “Ditch it man!”, as in “Ditch school (or work) so you can go to Wrigley (for a day game), soak up the sun, and watch the Cubbies play!”

“Pitcher man!” IMHO. Or possibly “Pitch it, man!”