the south again

I have some in-laws(ex) in Tennessee.Since it is south and warmer in the winter,I am thinking of there are a new place to live. Are there any dopers round there to give me some info?

Orange, I don’t know how far south Lakewood is but let me tell you: Tennessee is south. Prepare for culture shock, especially as you go east. I’m not saying it’s not a nice place to live, cause it is (I spent the last 3-1/2 years in Nashville) but southern culture is alive and well and it’s not always pretty. I’ll answer more if you want but you might want to email me cause I don’t get on the board that much anymore (unfortunately!)

I suppose Tennesee is warm compared to Ohio but I froze my ass in the slush the winter I was stationed at Memphis NAS. Mind you I’m from Tucson, Arizona so my basis for comparison is skewed.

I didn’t find the culture shock to be any problem. The only things that stuck out was that the mess hall served rabbit on a regular basis. I never did figure out grits though. I somehow thought they should have been “grittier.”

Grits is very “gritty,” but only before you add water.