The Standard OP Disclaimers Apply (TSOPDA)

The Standard OP Disclaimers

*1) If this was posted in the wrong forum, feel free to move it to the correct forum.

  1. I know there have been previous discussions on this and
    a) I think that they did not cover the issues I want to discuss, or
    b) I simply want to hear peoples’ current opinions on the matter, or
    c) The thread was too old to resurrect in order to add my views on the topic.

  2. I know that I can search this on Google, but I think it is easier and/or more interesting if I discuss this with our local experts.

From now on, instead of every new OP stating the above (especially #1), we can all write TSOPDA (which stands for “The Standard OP Disclaimers Apply”) at the end of the OP, with or without a link to this thread. This will save us from typing and reading the same boring disclaimers over and over again.

And, of course, so that this OP is self-consistent, I end with:

Nice! Next time I start a “What other forms of entertainment have (blank) in them” thread, I will link to this thread.

Lemme try it out.TSOPDA

It works! Three cheers for Polerius! :smiley:

Would there be use of, say, numbers for which TSOPDA you’re using? Like “TSOPDA 2a applies”? Or should we guess from context?

How about, “This question is hypothetical; I know that I should not construe answers given here as professional advice”? I see that one, or varients of it, more often than the Google disclaimer, and even more common are situations where that disclaimer should be given, but isn’t.

Maybe we could just write clearly. I don’t see the gain in adding yet another 6-letter abbreviations to the bulging bank of them that we strive/struggle to remember. I can recall BOMFOG and IIRC, and I can guess at the ones that start with ROF… I would have seen TSOPDA as TriSodium something something something something, if I hadn’t seen this thread, which will fade to obscurity in a few days. After that, TSOPDA will be just as clear as BOMFOG. I doubt that anyone under the age of 45 knows what BOMFOG means.

T-SOPDA is a Russian hiphop guy, right?

How about “This is just for a story I’m working on, I’m certainly not planning on doing this in real life.”?

And I’m pretty sure “T-SOPDA” was a neurotransmitter precursor used by Oliver Sacks when treating postencephalitic Parkinson’s patients. :smiley:


I like this one. Let’s make it #4.

*4) This question is hypothetical; I know that I should not construe answers given here as professional advice.

The Brotherhood Of Man and the Fatherhood Of God. There was an essay about abbreviations in the US in my 8th grade English book. One of the US presidents, the essay said, was fond of the phrase I’ve bolded. Reporters heard it often enough that they just scribbled BOMFOG in their notes.

If I ever preface an new-thread post with “…mods, if bala blah balalah, feel free to move…”, I give permission to break my pinkies. Like mods need my permission to go their job.

Addendum: I am not seeking medical advice.

The hyperbole, exaggeration, and ridiculous over-statements in this post are satire and do not actually reflect the opinion of the poster – in fact, quite the opposite.

Even though it goes without saying that if it’s in the wrong forum it’s within the Mods’ power to move it, I like this. Good idea, Polarius.

6.) I am not a racist/homophobe/woman (or man) hater.

I thought that was covered mostly by “Whoosh”… but I guess that’s ex post facto. So you’re suggesting a pre-facto whoosh?