The standard SDMB hijack.

Yea,you guessed it. Inspired by this thread. . I don’t see any left wing conspiracy at work though. Said hijacker has originated exactly TWO threads in both GD and The Pit in 897 posts and he’s not alone. December felt that since he originated a post he should participate even after it had been carried way out in left field. (Literally) Thus his demise.

Boo Boo Foo – The anti-war protester argument in the US has been long,bitter and even bloody in the US for the last 40 years and I can understand your frustration. I submit to you that your subject is deserving of it’s own thread and not just a bookmark in board politics.

[Nitpick=moderate] Actually, his posts were not literally “carried way out in left field” but figuratively so. Literally carrying an OP into left field would mean that somebody printed it out a hard copy and physically walked out to a baseball diamond and set it down in left field. “Left” is a figurative adjective, both in the sense of the political left and as a modifier for “left field” as a metaphor for a thought or idea that is out of the mainstream (or, I guess, a thread that has drifted away from the the OP). I know what you mean about those pointless, badgering hijacks, though. Why can’t people just stick to the fucking topic? [/Nitpick]

So, then…“pun intended”?

Who was the other poster who had two threads in GD and PIT in 897 posts? The coincidence is intriguing.

I fail to see how this has anything to do with the enormous theft of American Indian trust funds.

I think the American Indians had their money stolen at gun-point with a 1920’s style death ray.