The Star Hustler died last year? Delayed condolences for Jack Horkheimer

RIP Star Hustler I had no idea he died.

His signature tune

Rip star hustler

PBS showed (still shows) his little star-gazer segment between shows. I was shocked, last year, to see other astronomers taking his place. (In spite of really trying, I still can’t find anything except the Big Dipper, Orion, and the planets, and those only because they tell me where to look for bright Venus or Jupiter).

I heard he died of complications due to him catching vernal equinox. Thats why they kept his death low key.

VE? really, thats like one letter worse than VD.

He’d also found Sisyphus. In fact he saw it most every time he looked. That had to take a toll as well.

Thanks for the good times, Jack Horkheimer. I mean not good times good times but, you know, all the good info and enthusiasm and stuff.

I really enjoyed his show - I wish someone would do something similar today.

I think those terrible rugs on his head poisoned him.