The Starbucks Community

OK, so first they have a female barista (not sure of the spelling, as I’m not sure the word existed until recently) who sounds like Drew Barrymore expressing her subdued joy at Starbucks coffee being offered for home use. She was quietly excited that the most popular blends were being offered, as surprising as that seems.

Now there’s the male barrista (not a barristo) waxing poetic about the release of Starbucks to grocery stores being a community-building venture. They don’t want you to enjoy it alone; rather. they have prepared this coffee for you to enjoy with others during special times. And, if you and your pals like it, you will come in to a Starbucks location. (It’s a refreshingly honest exposition of their marketing plan.)

I was sure this was all a parody but no, it’s the most overblown representation of a product since the International Coffees “That reminds me of that waiter…” bit.

Whew, just had to get that out of my system.