The Starter Wife on USA

I caught the Season One Marathon of The Starter Wife on USA on my DVR and started watching it last night. I’ve only watched the series premiere so far, but plan to watch the rest of the season this week before the Season Two premiere on Friday. Has anyone else seen this show? Apparently it won an Emmy or something, and I just heard about it because I caught a talk show interview with Debra Messing last weekend.

Molly (Debra Messing) is a Hollywood wife who is dumped by her husband and dealing with the fallout. She has a very active imagination and there are “dress up” scenes that are hilarious. From what I’ve seen so far, I think I will enjoy the rest of the season.

Anyone else watching/planning to watch?

The first “season” was considered a miniseries by the Emmys and raked up 10 nominations, though the only winner (much deserved) was Judy Davis, who’s easily the best thing about the show. I got roped in because my wife was hooked, though she’s not sure if she’ll watch the new series (though who is she kidding?). It will be great seeing Judy Davis strut her stuff regularly, though Joe Mantegna, IIRC, is a regular on another series now, so he may be mostly a no-show on this one. Messing is a good comedienne and this allowed her to broaden her rather limited “Grace” role that everyone knows her for. Still, some of the romantic melodrama was a bit hoary, so hopefully the show will concentrate on satirizing the Hollywood culture, where it always seemed to find surer footing.

I watched the miniseries and it had its ups and downs. There were parts that were fun and glam, and there were parts that just plain tried too hard. I hated Judy Davis, who to me can only play Garland. I might check a couple of episodes out. I’m not sure that the concept is meaty enough to be dragged into a series ( I have the same problem with *Samantha Who? *).

I didn’t know it was a mini-series. Actually I didn’t know anything about it at all until last week. I am actually enjoying seeing Messing outside of the “Grace” role.